Friday, April 19, 2013

Not as it seems - - -

This is a single stamp that Stampin Up put out in 2001. I have used this stamp on 3 x 3 cards that I have made --- I made blue cards, red cards, and kraft card stock cards. Here is a photo of one of those cards:

This stamp can be very limiting --- for my 3 x 3 cards I used markers to colour the stamp and then I stamped that onto the white card stock for the card fronts.

Again I used markers for the stamp and this time I used a lighter blue and a lighter red marker. Here is that stamped impression:

Want to use this stamp again but wanted to change it up a bit so this time I used the lighter blue marker and the lighter red marker and skipped stripes -- this photo shows the two ways I used this stamp:

When you have a good stamp it is nice to be able to try to use it in other ways. I have also used a maker just for the "God Bless America" for tags on July 4th treat holders. So look at your stamps in a different way as they may be "not as it seems"  . . .   TFL  and YOLO

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