Monday, May 27, 2013

Empty Nesters no more . . .

Brief story -- DH read up and built to specks bird houses that blue birds like. He scattered them all over the front yard near the garden facing the way the birds want to be facing, spaced apart but close enough for them to see another family. He painted them and put them up and waited, and waited, and waited. Another type of bird built a nest on top of a plug on our front porch near the ceiling --- That Mom had five eggs and here the kiddies were on April 29th:

Five babies --- with faces only a mother could love. . .  Here were the five kiddies on May 11th:

The wood platform around the nest was built by DH as he was afraid with 5 babies that they would either fall out of the nest or push each other out or with them all moving around . . .  ("stop touching me" -- kids) .....  Mom was guarding while DH put the 'porch' around the nest and she spent that whole time having a hissy fit about it but she did stand on it when she would come back and forth from the Bug Buffet (front garden) and feed the kiddies. As you can see the kiddies also seemed to enjoy the porch as well - - - -

So the birds left and I cleaned the porch but we did not take the nest down right away -- we were going to leave it for a couple of days and then take it down but other house projects needed our attention and the nest was forgotten . . .  then in the past couple of days we see a bird coming and going from the nest -- adding materials (you always want to make your first place your own --- haha) and then this morning another photo was taken when our new Mom left for the buffet --- and here are the new kiddies:

So I am now busy planning a baby shower  --- haha...  DH is still crabby as we took photos in his bird houses and yes -- they are vacant . . . and as a landlord no tenants is not a good thing . . .  But with our new Mom on the porch we are empty nesters no more . .  . .  TFL and YOLO


MaryH said...

Congratulations on your new family! And Happy Memorial Day. Hugs

Cindy said...

Love it, love it, love it!