Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Porch People . . .

As usual in the morning I peek out the front door to see what the Mom and the kiddie birds are doing --- this morning I saw one of the kiddies sitting on the porch the landlord put in and one was standing on it. . . thinking it would be today or tomorrow the kiddies would 'earn their wings' and fly to the Bug Buffet for themselves . . .

So fast forward --- DH and I are heading out to go "flea-ing" (flea markets and to stop at Betty's in Greensboro) and as usual when I go out the front door I move slowly and talk to the kiddies. . . well today this is what I saw -- had to run in the house to get my camera -- and here they are:

You can not see the 5th kiddie but it is there and as you can see two of the kiddies are on their porch sitting -- don't they all look crabby? haha.  And as usual I stand on a ladder away from them and use the zoom lens on the camera and NO flash. . .  Mom was sitting on my mailbox planter watching the kiddies ---

I no sooner clicked the camera to take the photo and ALL 5 kiddies took off and left the nest -- I almost had a heart attack but DH watched and they all flew out to the trees at the Bug Buffet (garden I made in the front yard) . . .   Sniff --- another empty unit for the landlord to complain about --- haha   Am SOOO glad that DH thought of putting up the porch for them as you can see they used it . . . we will leave the nest and porch DH built for them for a few days but am thinking they will not come back --- so from this on April 29th:

to this on May 11th:

What a great thing to watch happen. . .  TFL and YOLO

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