Monday, August 19, 2013

BOOs to Go

One more time wanted to make a project and one more time could not find the products in the store to do this so had to make do with what I had and what was available.  Had seen many signs with "B O O" spelled out with ghosts and ribbons and you can hang this on a wreath or if you use the largest letters you can hang it on the front door. But did not want to do that.

I wanted to make that sign but in a much smaller scale for my card making project for Boo Day (Halloween). Off I go, with coupons in hand, to AC Moore to search for my letters.... Either too big, too small, and if the right size? Too thick and that means they would be too heavy. Did decide on the size letters I wanted and the style I liked only to find the style I liked had no "O"s  and no numbers so I could not substitute the zeros to use with their "B".  Off to Mikes . . .

Mikes had lots of letters --- black, white, and unfinished wood. Fancy, 'scrolly' letters to the plain ones. But I was lucky to find the size letters I wanted but again they are too thick and too heavy for my project . . BUT if I trace them then they would be perfect. There were 2 letters per bag for 99 cents a bag. I bought one bag of "B"s and two bags of "O"s. This way I could make 2 "boo" signs if I wanted using the wood letters.

Here is my project, with my traced letters for my "BOO" and this will hold candy treats for Halloween:

Here are the wooden letters I used:

To begin with since I was putting printed card stock onto the letters I was careful not to pick out "scrolly" letters as you need to be able to easy cut your card stock to the letter shapes. To start I picked out my printed card stock and turned them over so I would be tracing my letters on the backside of the paper. Also be sure to turn your "B" over and then trace it -- it will be backwards for tracing but it will be the right way once you cut out your patterned paper using small scissors. These are the letters after they were traced:

Cut them out with scissors and set aside. For the backing to my letters I wanted something to hold the shape but not be too heavy for my project. I used card board from a 6 x 6 pack of paper and again traced my letters with a pencil. Using heavier scissors I cut out the card board letters and used an Exacto knife for the insides of the letters. Once these were cut out I used a foam brush and covered the card board letters with Mod Podge and put the printed card stock letters onto that. Once that was dried I covered the printed letters with Mod Podge and again once dried turned the letters over and put a coat of Mod Podge on the card board backs. Set it aside to dry.

For the bag I did not want to use a paper bag and the larger dies I have make small bags so I made the bag using card stock. I am using the speckled card stock from Stampin Up for this. It takes one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock. With the 11" side at the top of the score board score it at 2", 5 1/4", 7 1/4", and again at 10 1/2". Turn this sideways and score at 2". (Had made this bag before and it goes together quickly).

Before I used a bone folder to crease my lines I used a stamp from Stampin Up "Spooky Skyline" and stamped my scored piece just above the single 2" score line using StazOn black ink. The "Spooky Skyline" stamp used to be a SU wheel that I took apart and now it is a stamp. Once I stamped that I then used SU Going Gray ink and sponged it over the bottom of the stamped image and on all the scored lines to 'age' my card stock. Once the piece was stamped and sponged I used a bone folder to make my scored lines very sharply creased as this will be a bag and you want it to be free standing. Once scored and creased I then clipped my bag as shown:

Added red sticky tape to the thin scored area down the side and then put the bag together. Once that was done I put a piece of red sticky tape on one of the bottom flaps and closed the bag. Using my hands I pinched the sides of the bag to make the bag shape and then pressed down on this to keep this shape. Once the bag was done I used a black binder clip and covered that with printed card stock. This will keep the bag closed at the top and it is also to hold my "BOO" sign.  Set it aside.

For my dried letters I used black/white $1.00 twine from AC Moore and tied the letters together. For the "B" I used a piece of ribbon and then tied twine on that. The ribbon is long enough to have a knot at the end of it and I put that over the top of the bag and then put the binder clip on top of that to hold the letters on the bag. This way the recipient can hang the "BOO" letters on something once they open the bag. For the top of the binder clip I put a piece of black tulle through the front clip and some 'hairy' sparkly yarn and then tied this with an orange ribbon knot. Here is a photo of the binder clip:

For the ghosts I used the Fiskars Ghost punch but it only punches one ghost going in one direction. If you want the two ghosts to go in different directions then punch one ghost with the glitter side of the white glitter card stock facing you. Punch out the ghost -- now turn the glittered card stock over and punch out another ghost and they will be going in the two directions. The ghosts are on the front of the bag using glue dots.

Here is the backside of my "BOO" letters so you can see the cardboard:

I will say to make the "BOO" sign you have to use capital letters as you need the ribbon to hold your letters to be able to go thru the "B".  For the eyes/mouth on my white glittered ghosts I used a pencil on the backside of the ghost to make the three dots. Then used a small circle punch for the eyes and mouth. Using a larger circle punch I punched out a black circle and put this behind the ghost with a glue dot. By doing this the eyes and mouth are black so you can easily see them.

As for the speckled card stock -- I had bought one pack of this card stock from SU and did not like it -- the specks are too big on the paper and not 'speckly' as I would like. So I find I use this card stock on projects where I can add to the paper or change it up so the specks --- which really are almost spots as they are so big --- can be hidden or stamped over. This pattern for this bag makes a tall bag and I like the weight of it as once you put candies/treats in there it will be able to hold the weight.

As for the letters -- I have the lower case alpha letter dies from MFT so they would not work for this and I also have a alpha set of Cuttlebug metal dies but they are very small so they would also not work for this. So simply tracing my letters worked out for this project -- here are the wooden letters that I had traced that I did finish for the other project I am making:

Since these letters were unfinished wood I had to paint them with black acrylic paint and a foam brush. Once both the front and backs of the letters were dried I then put my card stock letters on them using the Mod Podge and did two over coats of that once they dried in between. Turned them over and put the Mod Podge on the back as well. Due to having to paint the letters and also the thickness of the wood of these letters to use them on my project it would not work. This is a good project to use up scraps or maybe card stocks you do not like very well whether your letters are wood or cardboard. Again the bag:

These bags would be good to hand out to stamp club people, teachers, or the office. The bags go together easily being only one sheet of card stock and you can decorate them as you would like. As for unmounting the wheel stamps -- I have already used some of the other designs and I have used them more as unmounted stamps than if I had left them on the wheels

Also this project is another reason to save the card board from packs of card stock -- I have used the card board for my letters as well as the backs/bottoms to all the Post It Note pad holders I have made. The card board is not too thick to work with and keeps its' shape. TFL and YOLO and BOO to You . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow love this idea.
It is so stinking cute.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

An adorable project ... super cute! Thank you for sharing!

Brenda said...

Love this bag for holding yummy Halloween goodies! I love that you made the bag Candee, and I love the letters,stamping and fibers on the bag! Well done my friend!