Thursday, August 8, 2013

Magic Piggy Wand

One of my not favorite things is seeing a project and not being able to find any directions, patterns, hints or clues as to how to make one for myself. . .  sometimes you just have to forge ahead and figure it out . . .  so here is my version of the Magic Piggy Wand:

That is her face and on the backside is the Magic Piggy Wand saying:

And a photo of the two together:

Supplies used:

Wooden craft sticks (flat and about 7 1/2" long at craft store)
Pink paint and foam brush
Wiggle eyes
Pink crystals
Glue dots
Glue pen
Pop dots
Red Sticky Tape
Pink ribbons
Pretty in Pink card stock and ink (by SU)
Black card stock


Small curly Q punch for tail
3" Scallop circle punch for back of body (cut 2)
2 3/4" circle punch (cut 2)
Oval punch for face (cut 1)
1 1/8" circle punch for snout (cut 1)
SU oval punch (1 3/4" x 7/8") cut 2 for ears
SU Modern Label punch -- cut one in pink and one in black
Small circle punch for the nose -- punch 2 from black card stock

The first thing you need to do is to paint your craft stick pink --- I made a lot of these so I painted all my sticks at one time and set those aside to dry. While the paint was drying I then got out all the punches and began the pig - - -

To begin with I typed up and printed off the computer the saying for the Magic Piggy Wand. There are a couple of sayings out there but I decided to use this one --- I printed it out onto the Pretty in Pink card stock and then punched that out using the 2 3/4" circle punch. Sponged the edges of that with the Pretty in Pink ink. Punched out a 3" scalloped circle, sponged the edges of that and put the saying circle onto the scalloped circle using the ATG.  Set this piece aside.

Punch out one of the 3" scalloped circles, punch out two of the 2 3/4" circles, punch out two of the ovals for the ears, punch out one of the larger oval for the face, and one of the 1 1/8" circle for the snout. Using a small circle punch punch two circles from black card stock for the pig's nose. Using the SU Modern Label punch punch out one pink label and one black label. Using scissors cut the pink label in half width wise. For the black label cut off each curved end for the feet --- using a glue pen put the black pieces onto the pink Modern Label pieces matching the curves.

Now all the pieces are cut out -- using a sponge and the SU Pretty in Pink ink sponge the edges of all the pink pieces---I did not sponge the edges of the Curly Q tail piece as it is so small. Once all the pieces are sponged assembly can begin.

First I put the two black circles for the nose onto the circle piece using glue dots. Put the black circles towards the top edge of the circle. Put pop dots behind the circle/nose piece and put this onto the oval piece. I used glue dots behind the wiggle eyes and put the eyes on.  For the two oval pieces for the ears I scored them 1/2" from one end and used the bone folder to crease this fold so the ears will stay folded. Put the ears behind the oval face piece using glue dots.

Using the ATG I put one of the 2 3/4" circles on the front of the scalloped circle punch. Using a glue pen I put the curly Q tail at the top of this piece and tucked it between the scalloped and the circle piece. Put pop dots behind the oval/ears piece and put this onto the circle/scalloped circle piece. Using glue dots I put the legs on the bottom of this and added another 2 3/4" circle to the back of the scalloped piece to cover the legs --- on this project you can see the back of the front of the pig and having this circle cover the legs just makes your pig look more finished.

I laid this assembled pig piece on the craft stick and made a pencil mark so I would know where to put my red sticky tape --- you just need it where the pig is on the stick. I peeled off the red piece from the tape and put the pig onto the painted craft stick. Turned it over and put another piece of the red sticky tape onto the back of the painted craft stick for the saying circles piece. Put that onto the wand and added a few pink crystals. Tied ribbon on the front of the craft stick and added a very small bow above the eyes for the pig since she is ever so cute. . .  The trick to this pig is your scalloped circles --- make sure your scallops line up so she looks good from the front and the back -- you can always put the scallops on your craft stick and then do the last of the assembly but just be sure it all lines up.

These wands will be cute to put with holiday treats and such with the cellophane bags and bows. Cute idea from whoever it was started with -- could not find that out -- so can not give credit to anyone but here is my version of the Magic Piggy Wand:

Another fun project that will bring smiles to the recipients while they are eating your treats. TFL and YOLO

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Brenda said...

This is too cute and too funny!! I think I need me one of these wands! lol