Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Matchbook Boos

These treat holders for Boo Day (Halloween) hold a Fun Size bag of M & Ms. To begin with these are very easy to make and one 8 1/2" x 11 piece of card stock will make up four of the Matchbooks. I used black card stock from Mikes and the orange card stock is from Stampin Up.

To make these Matchbook treat holders put your card stock on your trimmer with the long side going cross ways -- cut every 2 3/4" and you will have three cuts and that will give you four pieces. For each of the Matchbook holder score this 2 3/4" x 8 1/2" piece across the width at 3/4", 4 1/2", and again at 5". Do not fold it yet. Cut a piece of printed card stock for the front of your holder to the size you want and put it on the holder using adhesive. Now use the bone folder and crease your scored lines.

The tip to this holder is to take the M & Ms Fun Size bag and fold one end of the candy bag to the back -- this is the part of the candy bag you will use a staple through to keep it in your holder. When you staple the candy bag be sure to staple to the lower edge of your holder:

If you want you can put a glue dot behind the candy bag but I do not do that and the candy bag stays in place and does not 'flop' around when you open your Matchbook holder. Once the candy bag is in the holder than decorate the front. For my holders I used decorative papers and just ribbon and tied a knot. For the other holders I used two stamp sets from Stampin Up -- the "candy,candy..." stamp is from the Spooky Bingo Bits set and the spider is from Batty for You. Used various circle and scalloped punches for these and put them on the holders over the ribbon and dotted card stock using pop dots.

This holder is one of the easiest and most economical holders to make since you can get four out of one sheet of card stock. You can cut and score this and the kids can help decorate or put the candy bags inside and staple them or whatever their craft levels are. Good for a school party or favors for the Halloween holiday with family/friends and good to pass around at work.

Once I make up a treat holder, special card like a pocket card or gate fold, or anything that will need a pattern, I make up an index card and keep these in alpha order in a small plastic file box that I picked up at the big W:

I type up what the project/pattern is and then type up the sizes and score lines I need and any tips I will need if I should make this project again. IE: the Scarecrow cards I recently made -- on the directions/pattern I typed up I made sure to put in the directions to draw the Scarecrow's mouth on first and then emboss the piece. This will save time when I make him again:

And here is the card for the Matchbook holders I just made:

I have the patterns typed up for the Lollipop holder measurements, Sour Cream containers, Punch Art turkeys, angels, and the like, the Butterfly Post It note holders I made, as well as other things I have made. I use this box all the time and it saves a lot of time to just look up a pattern/template in the file box than to try to figure something out, or look it up online, or to try to remember tips that I used when I first made up whatever it is. This is also helpful if someone asks me for a pattern I have used in the past.

For the Matchbook treat holders I am making more for Halloween but will not put the candies in them until the time I am going to use them but for photos today I put candies in the holders. These use up scraps of ribbons as well as card stock and go together quickly.  TFL and YOLO


Cindy said...

Adorable Candee! As usual you have great crafts and tips. What can I say but your GREAT too! Thank you so much for always sharing. Cindy

Brenda said...

What great tips Candee and I just love the matchbooks with the candy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.