Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spinning pads

Busy with house projects but there always seems to be time for surfing Craigs . . . DH looks for tools and supplies for house projects and I ? ? ?  I look for Arts & Crafts. This lady was selling her Stampin Up ink caddy with extension, 50 ink pads, and 31 re-inkers for a ridiculous price so off we went.... first to pick up his find and then mine. . .

Once I got to her house she had everything set up on tables in the garage. Mostly SU products and boxes and boxes of stamps. But I was there for the caddy, inks, and re-inkers.  She also had the box/holder with 48 markers that I did not have --- picked up the markers and holder for $15 even tho she was asking $20. Goes to show you never know if the price they post is the lowest they will accept --- and many times if you buy a few things the seller is more likely to lower the prices for you if you ask.

Got the caddy home with all the ink pads on it and of course it did not spin well with the weight of the pads on it and it was wobbly. Took a lot of the ink pads off and tried to spin it again and still it was wobbly and did not spin well. See photo:

 Today I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picked up a 9" turntable (lazy susan sold in the kitchen organizing department) to put the new caddy on. The turntable was $4.99 plus tax so that was a good price and it is also the same manufacturer that my other turntable is under the other caddy. I put the newest caddy on the new turntable with some ink pads on it and gave it a spin --- moves as well as my other caddy does with more weight on it for the photo:

I had never bought this Stampin Up caddy from their catalog as my girlfriend has this caddy and she has the ink pads on hers with the re-inkers on top and it was always wobbly and did not turn without you having to use both hands. I bought my first caddy from a Craigs List ad for a garage sale and that gal had the caddy on a 9" turntable and I could not believe how well it spinned with all the inks on it. Since I bought this second caddy off Craigs List I was certain this one would also be needing the turntable --- since the photo was taken I have the second caddy loaded up with the ink pads with re-inkers and it works well. Also the turntable makes the caddy sit higher on your table.  If you have problems with your Stampin Up caddy try a turntable and see if that helps. I am very glad I came across this idea for sure.  TFL and YOLO


mamawcindy said...

Great Idea for the Caddy. I have one. I think they are hard to turn to and way to wobbly. I just found your blog. I am now a follower. :0)

Candee said...

Thanks for the visit and becoming a follower! Hoping the turntable works for you--just seems the design of the caddy is fine with it empty but once you get the weight of the ink pads and re-inkers on it it does not rotate well and is wobbly. I found the turntable is the "fix" to this problem from a Stampin Up demonstrator and glad I did. Happy creating! Candee P

Brenda said...

Wow, another great find Candee!! I have never been on Craig's list, but sounds like I should go and look around there! lol I love the tip about the lazy suzan, that is such a fabulous idea!