Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dancing in the Dark . . .

Dancing in the Dark, Off and Limping. . . Sharp as a Marble . .  and the list goes on and on. As you know one of my not favorite things is seeing a project and no details and then you are on your own to try to figure it all out . .  My own fault I suppose for wanting to make something that I thought was cute  -- -- so all I will say is this is my third time trying to make this card and this is what it is --- since I do not know HOW it was made to begin with I can only share what I did and so I will share that info so you do not spend extra time as I have trying to figure things out.  Here he is:

All I had was a photo and that was not good so here goes:


Red card stock cut 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" -- single layer
White card stock cut 4 1/4" x 10 3/4" -- single layer
Pink card stock for face/cheeks
Black card stock for eyes and belt
Red flocked card stock for nose
Gold card stock for belt buckle
Pink shimmer chalks for cheeks
Light gray ink for sponging
1/4" circle punch for twoblack eyes
3/4" circle punch for red nose
1 1/4" scallop circle punch for hat pom pom
1 3/8" circle punch for two pink cheeks
2" scallop circle punch for eyebrows
D'Vine Swirl embossing folder
SU Labels Framelits
Red sticky tape
Pop dots
Glue dots
Cuttlebug machine

To begin with cut your white card stock 4 1/4" x 10 3/4" and score this with the long edge at the top of the score board at 4 1/2" and again at 7 5/8". Now put this card stock in the 2nd largest die as this photo shows:

I taped the die down and put this in the Cuttlebug--trick to cutting this out is to let the die cut the card stock but then stop the Cuttlebug---do not go further on the white card stock as you will leave a line -- so run it thru until you hear the 'crack' and then reverse it and take it out of the machine:

Put the die cut end in the the D'Vine Swirl embossing folder just about 1/4" down from the last curve on the cut piece. Also cut a piece of white card stock out using the die and cut that off about 1/4" from the last curve --- this will be your mustache piece for the beard. Now sponge the edges of the embossed pieces using the gray ink.

For the lower section of the card piece --- the straight end of the bigger white piece --- just put that section in the D'Vine Swirl embossing folder and emboss that. Sponge the edges of that with the gray ink. You will see that the center white section of your card is plain with no embossing.  Using red sticky tape put a piece at the top of the mustache piece and put that on the fold of the long piece you just embossed --- it is confusing but see photos. Cut a piece of red card stock 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and put your Santa face/body on this lining up the bottoms of these two pieces.

For the cheeks/eyes:  Punch out two pink circles using the 1 3/8" circle punch. Use a dauber and put pink shimmer chalk on the pink circles to the sides of the circles. Punch 2 1/4" black circles and put them on the pink circles for the eyes. Put the circles on the face as I show in this photo:

For the eyebrows punch out 2  2" scallop circles and cut it off 6 scallops from each circle and this will be the piece you use for his eyebrows -- sponge the edges of these. Put these above the eyes using pop dots. For the pom pom to his hat punch out a 1 1/4" scallop circle from white card stock and sponge the edges. Use a glue dot to put this on his hat.

For the nose use the 3/4" circle punch and punch out a circle from red flocked card stock. I used two pop dots stacked on each other as the lower card has to tuck under the nose to close the card. This photo is blurry (sorry) but you can see I put the pop dot at the edge of the nose piece:

Here are more photos to see how this all goes together:

For the belt I used a 1/4" strip of black card stock cut 1/4" x 4 1/4". Used a small square punch and made the belt buckle from shiny gold card stock:

I do hope I explained how to make this Santa --- you can open the card by untucking the mustache and you would put your greeting inside on the piece that is plain and not embossed. Am glad I finally was able to figure this out and make Santa as he is cute --- difficult with no directions --- but cute. If you do not understand any of this just leave a comment and I will try to explain it better. TFL and YOLO


Linda Matthews said...

I am so glad that found you. I have been a member of SplitCoasters under 2 different names. I couldn't remember my other name for the longest time. My computer crashed and lost everything. So, I started back new.

I really like SplitCoasters for their ideas and tutorials. I don't get a chance to papercraft like I really want to.

Thank you for showing how to do this Santa card!

Linda in Willow Spring

Candee said...

Hi Linda -- or should I say Hi Neighbor --- welcome aboard to the blog. Hoping something will catch your eye and inspire. Thanks--Candee P

Brenda said...

This is so cute Candee!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!