Friday, September 13, 2013

Here, there, and every where week . . .

What a week -- in this past week I have been to Greensboro (to see Betty at her store and I went to her special sale she had for her birthday), then off to Rocky Mount, a trip to Fayetteville (where Fort Bragg is), a trip to Durham, and a second trip yesterday to Fayetteville. Am in hopes tomorrow the only journey I will be making is into the craft room --- hahaha.

To begin with Betty had a special sale "29%" off the whole store--except Copics since she already sells them very cheap. So happy me to pick up a new Sizzix die and some more clear boxes for stamp storage. Then our next journey was to Rocky Mount for DH --- he bought these car parts sold on Craigs List but the catch was he had to take everything that was left in the building. I went along to help load the truck and now I am certainly glad I tagged along.

Then onto to Fayetteville --- I do not have a Hobby Lobby nearby so I visit the one near Betty's store when we head to Greensboro or the one by Fort Bragg in Fayetteville. Also in Fayetteville is Joanns, Mikes, and an AC Moore all in a 2 mile radius of Hobby Lobby so I make the 'rounds' when I go. The first trip to Fayetteville this week was due to me --- I wanted to go to all the stores and DH found a thrift store he had wanted to go to on the way that we have never stopped at and so we went.

Then off to Durham --- house parts stores --- then yesterday another trip to Fayetteville. This second trip to Fayetteville was for DH who was buying car parts from some guy that had bought car parts before from DH. Of course with him going to Fayetteville and with me tagging along there was no way I would miss out on stopping at a store I like -- but this time I just wanted to stop at AC Moore.

DH and this guy agreed to meet in the parking lot of AC Moore so this was great for me. I left them out in the parking lot yakking away and shopping I went. I wanted to pick up two of the Darice boxes ACMs has on sale this week for $4.88 each. I grabbed a cart and in I went. Of course they had none out that I could reach but they had some on the shelf near the ceiling so I had to ask an associate to get them down. Once I had my two boxes in my cart I headed over to the Halloween holiday aisle as they had all of that on sale for 50% off and I wanted a Halloween sign for the front porch -- and there it was . . .

I will say I have never paid this price for a Martha Stewart punch in my whole paper crafting life but I was glad I went down their Halloween decorations aisle. Here is what I bought on sale in the Halloween aisle:

The punches -- regular size and the Punch Around the Page punches were $2.00 each -- the similar to Washi tapes from Martha Stewart was marked down to 88 cents per package. Here is my receipt:

I don't know who was more surprised at this find -- me or the cashier --- she scanned them and also could not believe the prices -- esp on the punches. I would have never guessed Martha Stewart Halloween punches would be on clearance so far before Halloween and I would have never looked for them on the holiday aisle. I did find my sign --- also on sale --- I had wanted to buy so this was a good trip.

Now on to the craft room.. . . ..  With the car parts place I went with DH to pick up all the stuffs left in that building there was a prize in all of it for me and I am very happy to have it -- it is a heavy duty metal shelf unit with wheels and DH was not expecting that in the building so lucky me --- it came apart and we put it in the back of the truck with all the parts and the next day DH put it back together in the garage. I cleaned it off and rinsed it off and we put it in the back of the truck to dry in the sun. That gave me time in the craft room to take my storage all apart AGAIN to make room --- had to unpack my white cabinets and craft cubes and get those out of the craft room for my new to me metal rack/shelves and here it is:

It holds my jars of ribbons on the top, my paper/yarns/stuffs storage in the Darice boxes (only buy them on sale), then my disk boxes for my bling (crystals and gems), then my Slice mat, Envelope Punch Board, my ScorPal, my full packs of SU card stocks, and my ArtBins for my metal dies, and the button jar. Still trying to organize all of that and I am sure things will change as to where I keep them but this is great already. My best friend in all of this?? My label maker ... :0)

I just put together a listing of all my white cabinets/craft cubbies/storage things and took photos and those will be sold on Craigs List. Am grateful to DH for this great shelf unit but am looking forward to spending time making things again now that I am organized and cleaned up (for now--haha).

So a busy week for sure and it was "happy finds" for me without a doubt. TFL and YOLO   Welcome to a new follower of the blog and hoping you can find something that will inspire you here.  :0)  

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Brenda said...

I am in awe how you and your dear husband find such wonderful deals!! That shelve is amazing and I wish I could find deals like you did on the Martha Steward stuff! What fabulous deals and steals!!!!