Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holiday Holders

Had seen the video by Holly K on Youtube  Toxic Treat Holders so I used her pattern and made these. The one on the left is for Boo Day (Halloween) and the one on the right is for Thanksgiving. Nice thing about these holders is they are free standing and you can put a thin treat inside or a thicker treat as well. Thanks to Holly K for sharing. Here is a list of supplies I used for mine:

Oval punch
Small circle punch
Border punch
Card stock for holder
Printed card stocks for holder front
Pop dots
Glue dots
Crystals and Stickles

To begin with I will explain the Halloween holder but both holders are the same size of card stocks used. For my stamp set on the Halloween holder I used the cute stamp set "Wicked" from Gina K Designs.


Cut a piece of SU orange card stock 3 1/2" x 8 1/2".  Put this horizontally on the score board and score this at 3" and again at 3 1/2".  Use your bone folder to crease your scored lines. You will see you have a short piece and then a taller piece in the back of the shorter piece. Use a border punch of your choice across the top edge of the taller piece.

The front of your holder will be the shorter piece of the holder and that is the part you decorate. Using black card stock from Mikes I cut a piece 2 3/4" x 3 1/4" and used the ATG to put this on the holder front. Using printed Halloween card stock I cut a piece of that 2 1/2" x 2". **   Using the ATG I put this printed card stock by the left edge of the black card stock. Using scrap purple card stock I cut a piece 3/4" x 3 1/2"  and used the ATG to put this across the front of the holder near the bottom.

 For the stamped white piece I used white/GP and cut that to 2" x 2 1/4".  Then I stamped the candelabra (candelabrum) stamp onto that white piece using StazOn black ink. Put pop dots behind this stamped piece and put it on my holder front. Using an SU stamp "Happy Halloween" I stamped that onto a piece of white/GP cut to 1/2" x 3". Clipped the one end as a banner. This greeting piece is on the holder front using glue dots.

To finish the holder I punch out a piece of scrap card stock to make an oval. Then using removable tape I put the oval on the taller end of the holder. This allows me to put that oval where I want it on the holder and to be sure it is centered and not too close to the holder top. Once that was where I wanted it I pressed down on it to stay on the card stock and then punched over the oval.  Here is the photo of this done on the Thanksgiving holder:

Once the oval was punched I held the holder as it would be closed and made two punches on both lower sides of the holder with a small circle punch for the twine to go through. This twine is what holds this holder closed. I tied both sides into a bow and trimmed off the ends. Added purple crystals to the banner piece and near the oval opening at the top.

On the flames for the candles I used yellow Stickles *** and this holder was complete.

Added one bag of the Fun Size M & Ms. The top of the M & Ms bag was too high so I simply removed the bag from the holder and folded the bottom end of the candy bag and put it back in the holder and now it was the right height. For the Thanksgivng holder I used the min Hershey chocolate candy bars. Here is a photo of the Thanksgiving holder:

Made my pumpkin using a small oval punch, the SU Word Window punch for the stem, and the leaf is made using the SU Trio Flower punch. A plainer look on this holder but you can make it as fancy and decorated as you would want depending on your card stocks and bling. Thanks to Holly K for sharing this holder and all the details. TFL and YOLO

** As for the Halloween printed card stock on my Halloween treat holder. I had chosen another printed card stock for my holder but the design was too big for such a small piece. So I suggest you use a busier printed paper for the front.

*** As for the Stickles --- Stamp show after stamp show I would attend and I saw Stickles on all these cards and projects and every stamp show I would come home with new colours of Stickles. Time and time again when I would try to use them they would "glurk" out of the container and have very little crystals mixed in the glue or be all crystals and very little glue. Needless to say Stickles found a very safe place in the box in the cabinet. . . until . .  I found a posting about Stickles and how to store them and how to use them. Once I did as suggested? They worked EVERY time with no problems --- key to Stickles is to store them upside down all the time, don't shake them,  and they work perfectly every time. So if you are having problems with Stickles store them upside down and you should not have problems again.

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These are fabulous too!! Love that they hold different thickness of treats!!