Sunday, September 29, 2013

Take a Note . . .

Many different patterns for Post-It Note holders from the card stock covers to the acrylic frames to using dies for the shapes for the Post-It Notes. Here are some of the Post-It Note holders I have made in the past:

And standard holders for the standard size Post-It Notes:

Those were fine to make up for the standard size Post-It Notes which are approx 3" x 3" but I had picked up a pack of smaller Post-It Notes at Office Max and these Post-It Notes are a bit smaller than approx 2" x 2". Wanted to make something up for BOO Day (Halloween) so take a note as here they are:

Not only are these toooo cute but they go together quickly as I used the Crop-A-Dile tool to make the hole for the key ring to go through. Will give you approx measurements for my holders as I made up a holder first from scrap card stock and then 'tweaked' my measurements.

Double sided card stock was used for the cover front and back and it is approx 4 1/4" long by approx 2 1/8" wide. Your score lines depend on the thickness of the Post-It Notes you use. To decide the stack height of my Post-It Notes I took the orange pad of notes out of the package and used my hands to break this stack apart about half way just by looking at it -- no measuring. Even with doing that this stack will be too thick so take a few more notes off your stack.  I took my cut card stock to the score board and put my stack of Post-It Notes in the center standing up and made pencil dots on each side of the notes and that is where I made my scored lines. Used a bone folder to crease the scored lines.

Once the cover piece is scored and your lines are sharp put the stack of Post-It Notes in the cover/holder and press hard across the top to get the Post-It Notes to stick to the back of the holder. Now using the Crop-A-Dile hole punch attachment I punched a hole through my Post-It Note holder with notes inside of it. But IF your holder with notes does not fit into the opening for the hole punch then simply remove a couple more notes from your stack**. Once your stack and holder can fit in the Crop-a-Dile then punch a hole in the upper left corner of your holder. Be sure you are not too close to the side edge or the top edge of your card stock holder.  Here is a photo of the Crop-A-Dile and the hole punch attachment is at the top in this photo where it says "3/16":

The Crop-A-Dile works well with this project and it does not hurt your hands trying to get it to punch your circle for the ring through all the layers you have. It is fast so if you decide to make many of these holders they will go together quickly.

Once your hole is made use a 1" key ring and run that through the holder/notes combo. Using various ribbons and yarn and tulle I tied a bow and knots on my holders. Using a scalloped circle punch I punched out circles and then used circle punches for the greetings. On the dotted BOO Post-It holder I used the stamp from Gina K Design's "Wicked" stamp set for the BOO and I added a bug from a dollar bin holder at the craft store. Added black crystals to that holder:

For this next holder I used an EK Success border punch on scrap black card stock and put that at the bottom of the front of the holder. Punched out a single scalloped circle for the black circle on the front and used a "Trick or Treat" stamp from the stash. Stamped that onto orange card stock and used a circle punch to punch that out. For this holder I tied ribbon, hairy yarn, and a piece of black tulle on the key ring to dress it up.

These holders are good to give to friends and such that maybe can't eat candies or the regular BOO Day treats or for someone you want to give a little holiday favor to. They truly go together quickly thanks to using the Crop-A-Dile to make the hole for the ring to go through.

I picked up a pack of the 1" rings at AC Moore and they were in the cross stitching/stitchery section of the store. You can use a coupon so that makes them reasonable. For my smaller Post-It Notes I bought my Post-It Notes  at Office Max and they are the Office Max brand and come in a pack of 5 packs of the notes and each note is a different colour. For my two holders I used the orange stack of notes.

** As for the Post-It Notes that you have to peel off your stacks to make them fit under the Crop-A-Dile punch holder -- keep the ones you peel off and if you should make a lot of these holders then when you are all done you can use all the extra notes you peel off the stack and combine them into one stack and then you can make a holder with all the colours that are in the package to begin with. When I had cut out all the Butterfly Post-It Holders I made using the Sizzix/SU Beautiful Butterflies die I had extra from all the notes and I put them together and made a couple of the Butterfly holders with a rainbow of the Post-It Notes.

These also use up card stock scraps being so small and I think the most time I spent on these was deciding what I would put on the front of them. Cute for BOO Day as well as usually treats and little items for that holiday either are of, for, or to hold candies. These are calorie free treats which mean we can have more candies -- haha....  TFL and YOLO

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These are all fabulous Candee! So festive, cute and so useful!