Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who wants to set the table? ? ?

As kids that is what would be yelled from the kitchen 10 minutes before we ate dinner. . . None of it was enjoyable unless it was for a holiday table -- just paper napkins, every day silverware, plates and of course each kid had their own glass with a cartoon character. No cartoon characters here -- but again I did think of setting the table because I pulled out the Sizzix/SU Table Setting Die and these are what I made:

I used a 12 x 12 piece of black card stock and cut that in half. Put the cut card stock on the die and ran it through the Sizzix machine. Once cut I did this again with the other half of the card stock. This gave me two pieces of all the die cuts that the die makes.

For this treat holder:

First I took the 'table marker' piece that the die cut out and I put a piece of Candy Corn Washi tape across the bottom. Using the Sizzix Ghost die (yellow) I cut out a ghost using white glitter card stock. For the candies I used Hershey Choc Nuggets and using card stock I cut those into 1" x 3 1/8" strips and wrapped those around the nuggets and used a glue dot to keep them on the candies. Used a pretzel clear candy bag from the candy making aisle at the craft store and I cut it to the length I wanted using scissors. Did not want to just toss the candies in the bag so I made a "tray" for the candies to sit on -- cut a piece of solid card stock 2 3/4" wide x 2 1/4" long. On the wide side I scored this at 1/4" and again at 2 1/2". Used a bone folder to crease my scored lines. Put the candies on the tray and put this in the pretzel bag. Folded over the top of the bag and using a stapler I attached my bag topper---which is the table marker die cut piece.

Did not have any other staples to use but the regular silver tone that we use in a stapler but did not want the silver to show on the bag topper. Using a Sharpie black marker I went over the staple and now it is black and not as noticeable. You can see this better in this photo:

The tail (feet?) of the ghost are by the staple. Once the topper was on the bag I put the ghost on the front using a glue dot. For the greeting "Boo to You" I used a stamp from Northwoods Rubber Stamps and black ink on white/GP card stock. Using light weight black card stock I cut out a black banner piece to go under the greeting -- used the SU Word Window punch for the greeting. Added two orange crystals from the stash to the banner piece.

On this other bag topper I used coloured mini binder clips sold at the office supply store for $1.00 for a pack of 10. Used the same "Boo to You" stamp and punched out the "Boo" using a small oval punch. Added a black crystal to that and put it on the binder clip using a glue dot. Again I used a staple on the bag topper and again I used the black Sharpie marker over that. Tied ribbon and 'hairy' black yarn on the binder clip. Used the SU Curly Label punch for the greeting on the second bag and added crystals -- for this bag I used double sided card stock (the 'no brainer' of the project). This way I did not have to rummage around and try to decide what card stocks to use for the candy wrappers -- just turned over the dots and there is the green chevron pattern on the back so easy to wrap these four nuggets:

For this next holder --- thinking it is the napkin ring on this die but I certainly did not use it for that -- just one of these makes your holder and it holds two nugget candies and it is also free standing if you want to use them as table markers or stand them up on a holiday buffet:

This is the piece cut out -- then I scored it at 2 3/4" and again at 3 1/4" -- used a bone folder to crease the lines and added spider Washi tape across the front of the holder:

Marked the center of the holder at the ends and punched a small circle to hold ribbon and the 'hairy' yarn that I tied at the top to close the holder. Used a tag punch and oval punches for the spider and that is held on the holder using a coloured binder clip:

These are all simple holders/treat bag toppers to make using the Table Setting Die that I have yet to use for Table Setting accessories.

Some tips are -- using a coupon when you buy the pretzel bags in the candy making aisle at the store and that will save some money. Also use good scissors to cut your pretzel bag to the length you want. Double sided card stock is a quick and easy choice when making the nugget wrappers as the two sides of the card stock already 'go together' and you will not have to rummage around for papers that will work well together. If you look at the holder with the black and white card stock---I cut my two wrappers with the stripes going in two directions for some interest -- and it still looks good with the dotted papers. Remember Sharpie markers if you want to 'hide' your staples. The coloured staples that are sold at the craft stores are too pricey to use just to keep a bag closed -- use what you already have on hand. Usually when I use card stocks for the nugget wrappers I use cheaper card stocks and in lighter weights -- save your thicker/pricier card stocks for other projects. But if you should use a thicker card stock --- as I did with the double sided card stock for my nugget wrappers --- sometimes they do not bend easily to go around the nugget -- so just bend the card stock over your fingers a couple of times and that will make the paper easier to bend around the nugget.

As for the Ghost guys --- first -- the holder with the dotted card stock across the topper. That small ghost is made using the Ghost squeeze punch from Fiskars. The way the ghost is facing once punched was not the direction I wanted him going in --- simple fix --- turn the glittered card stock over -- glitter side down -- and punch your ghost from the back side of the card stock. Punch him out and turn him over and now he will be going in the other direction --- same is true with the ghost die -- just reverse your card stock on the side with glittered side down -- and when cut out he will go in the other direction. Here are two ghosts showing this:

Eyes and mouth --- both of my ghosts are off the black bag toppers I made but I still wanted them to have the black eyes and mouth --- for spooky effect --- so I used an oval punch and a circle punch and put these behind the ghost faces using a small glue dot:

For the small Fiskars ghost I use a small circle punch and punch out two eyes and a mouth so that my black will show his face.

"hairy yarn" clean up --- many times I use my dollar store lint roller to clean the glitter off my dies when I made die cuts using glitter card stock. Just a pass or two with the lint roller over the die takes loose glitter right off. But the "hairy yarn" once you tie your piece and trim the ends can get all over the place. Again use the lint roller and just roll it over your work space -- table/counter -- and the loose residue will stick to the roller and you will not have to pick it off of anything else you are making.

So I guess "Who wants to set the table? ? ?" is certainly more fun for Boo Day (Halloween) than for dinner and no dishes to do . . .

Welcome to new followers to my blog and hoping something here will catch your eye and inspire you to have fun and create something special.  TFL and YOLO

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Brenda said...

These are fabulous Candee!! I love the festive look they will add to the table setting!!