Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Non-Coach Bag . . . literally . . .

One more time I have seen a cute project and one more time I have NO instructions, patterns, tips, or clues as how to make one for myself so I will share what I have done to make mine and hoping if you should want to make one that my instructions/photos might help.

In the past I have made many purses from card stock --- here are a few photos of those:

The above purse was made using a square scallop punch and circle punches. This purse holds one of the miniature candy bars. Simple to make and goes together quickly.

Here are photos of other purses I have made:

All of the above purses were made using dies and they all hold candy treats. Now onto this purse and the reason it is a Non-Coach Bag --- no directions or pattern or 'coaching' meant I had to figure it out for myself so I am hoping this will help the next crafter.

This card is good for a birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, and any other card that is too cute when made into a purse -- the card I made is for Mother's Day and here it is:

This is an Easel Card and I will explain the front and back pieces of this card are separate and I will explain this better as we go along. Since I did not have any directions to follow I first made my card using white/GP card stock so I would not waste my double sided card stock --- once the pattern was figured out I then used the decorative card stock for the card and here is how I made this card:

Here is my scrap sample of the card when I began to make it:

Now that I had a pattern to start with I could make the actual card:

First I took a piece of brown card stock for the card base and cut it 4 1/4" x 8 1/2". I put this on the score board with the long side at the top and scored it at 1/2" and again at 5". Used a bone folder to crease the lines. For the front of the card I used a piece of brown card stock cut that 4 1/4" x 4 1/2". Set the brown pieces aside. For the print on the purse I used double sided card stock for the front and back of the purse and the curved flap and handles. Using the double sided paper made it easy to find prints that would go together. For the front piece for the purse and the back of the purse I cut two pieces of the double sided card stock 4 1/4" x 4 1/2". Here is the back of the purse:

I put the print on the front and back of the purse and not underneath the bottom piece which is where the "easel" is. Now put the printed card stock on the front piece only using adhesive -- do this just to the front piece and not the back piece. Set the other printed card stock for the back aside. For the handle I used a 2 1/4" circle punch and punched over that with a 3" circle punch to make the handle --- I needed to punch out a handle for the front and a handle for the back so I simply folded a piece of the double sided card stock in half and punched out the handles. By folding that in half I would have two matching handle pieces. Here are photos of the handle in progress:

I did this in a solid card stock to make it easier for you to follow --- first I punched out a half 2 1/4" circle from the card stock. Using the 3" circle punch I punched OVER the punched piece and the last photo shows my purse handle --- of course as I had said earlier you will want to double your handle card stock so you are punching the front and back handles at the same time so they will match in shape and size. I used a glue pen to put the front and back handles together. Using red sticky tape I put a little piece of tape at the bottom of my handles to stick them on the card/purse:

Peel off the red strip and stick this on the top of the back piece on the 1/2" scored line:

Now put a piece of red sticky tape across this below the scored line to be able to hold the front of the card piece to the back:

Peel off the red strip and put the front piece on top of that tape:

Turn over your card and if you need to do any trimming of your printed card stock do that now using your scissors. Now for the front purse flap --- since it is curved I wanted it to be even and a smooth curve so I found a plastic lid that I could trace that would fit the front of the purse. Cut that out using scissors and then I cut that circle in half using the paper trimmer. To put this on the purse front I used a piece of red sticky tape across the top printed card stock -- below the handle -- which is the top of the card:

Peeled off the red strip and put the half circle on. I used flowers from the stash jar and a brad and put that flower on the front of the purse using a large glue dot. Used a M Stewart butterfly punch for the butterfly.

For the back of the card I put the other printed card stock piece on the brown card using the ATG. Again did any trimming with scissors. Now for the easel part of the card. I dug out an old "Happy Mother's Day" stamp from Conners Collectibles and I used brown ink to stamp that onto scrap cream card stock. The greeting is longer than any banner die I had so I trimmed it to the size I wanted and used a 3/4" square punch for the banner end. Cut a piece of scrap pink card stock a bit larger than the cream one and punched one end into the banner. Put these two layers together using the ATG. Added a button with twine I ran through the holes and let the twine hang down from the back and put that on my banner pieces using a large clear glue dot. Trimmed the twine ends. Set this aside. For the brown bottom of the card, which will become the easel, I cut a piece of the printed card stock a bit larger than my banner pieces and put that on the bottom of the brown card using the ATG. Then I put the banner pieces on this using pop dots --- for dimension but it also helps to keep the card in one position and to not slide closed. That is the part that makes this card an easel.

Here is a better photo of the greeting piece:

And also the flowers at the top with the butterfly:

And of the inside of the card so you can see the space you can use for your inside greeting but to also see the flap at the top where the handles are and how the front of the card is attached to the back:

And the front and back again:

Simple once you have a pattern to follow ... cute idea for whoever had come up with it.... now I am off to do my fuzzy-slipper happy dance... that's right ---- today is the beginning of the Nascar racing season and I am one happy camper. My main interrupter (DH) will be watching the pre-race shows, the race, and the post-race shows so that leaves me doing my Fuzzy-Slipper Happy Dance in my craft room all afternoon.... :0)   Happy me --- I ♥ ♥ ♥ Nascar altho I have never watched a race..... happy crafting!!  TFL and YOLO


Brenda said...

All of your purses are adorable Candee, thanks for the great directions!

Cindy said...

Hi Candee,
As usual again I love all your purses. Especially the two tag and easel purses. Going to have to make the two tag right away.
Any new "tenants" yet?

Candee said...

Hi Brenda and Cindy--thanks for the blog visit and nice comments. As for the 'tenants' Cindy--none yet, but we have had 'lookie-loo's' but it has really been a long,cold winter for here so hoping things will get back on track and start warming up--more birds are out and about everyday and I keep checking. Thanks for asking --- Candee P