Sunday, March 16, 2014

Best of both worlds - -

When we retired and left Upstate New York for the sunnier, warmer days of NC things we loved had to be left behind -- hoping to find replacements for them in NC. Such as a NY style deli, an Italian bakery, Wegmans -- our fav grocery store . . . and so it goes.

Got all settled in the new house and soon discovered there is no NY style deli, any Italian bakeries, and of course, no Wegmans. So what to do but to find the closest Wegmans and plan a road trip. But not to drive to Wegmans only but to make stops along the way to places or things we might want to see. This is the second year we have made the 3 1/2 hour one way trip to Fredericksburg, VA to shop at Wegmans -- we usually go twice a year. And, of course, with stops along the way there and on the way home this turns into an all day trip. Wegmans sells things/brands the local stores here do not sell and having shopped at Wegmans since it opened certainly spoils you for any other store.

Packing up the puppy, toys for the day, his new rawhide bone, his food and water, I packed our coolers with waters and sodas and we left for Fredericksburg while it was still dark out. Knowing that Wegmans was our main goal I thought since we are going anyways . . .   so as any serious crafter would do, I printed out coupons for AC Moore, Mikes, and Hobby Lobby since all three stores are near Wegmans. But I did a search and found out there is also another store less than a mile and a half from Wegmans that I had not been to before and it is "Scrapdoodles".

Plan in action --- Wegmans first and Scrapdoodles second and whatever stops after that. DH and puppy dropped me at the door and their plan was to take a walk around the parking lot for puppy while I was inside Scrapdoodles. This store is mainly set up for scrapbooking but it had plenty to offer for us card makers. The nice thing about this store is when you walk in the front door directly in front of you is the "Newest products" and the "Just In's" --- which is nice for us shoppers if we saw something we HAVE to have and did not know we needed so we do not have to search the store. But I did go through the whole store just to see what all they had -- and did not leave empty handed. Went in for one thing and left with more than that --- I found their clearance section in the back of the store near their classroom and picked up a couple of the small QuicKutz (AKA Lifestyle) dies for $2.00 each -- then I looked through their rows and rows of card stock and their holiday sections for each holiday. The store is very nice, good layout, and displays are very nice as well. Definitely a store for inspiration if you need some ideas for your next project.

They were sold out of the stencil I wanted but I did find the section for their dies. On the floor in front of the dies is a basket and in this basket are the "Last Ones" and these are the last of whatever die they sold and this basket is marked 70% all these dies. I bought a few of the basket/bags/and treat holders by QuicKutz and here they are:

Problem now was how to store these larger dies? Have the ArtBin containers with magnetic sheets for the smaller dies and that is a good system but these larger dies of course are too large for that system. So using the printer I printed up the titles of the dies and put the dies inside large plastic bags from the dollar store. Used tape I taped on the title of the die and put the die and photo packaging inside the large plastic bag. Some of these larger dies have small label dies or small die shapes and I did not want to throw those in the bigger bag for fear the smaller dies would be lost. So for the dies that have smaller label dies or smaller shaped dies I used a snack size plastic bag -- also from the dollar store -- and put the smaller pieces in that. These smaller bags go inside the larger bag that holds the large die and photo packaging.  But I needed to come up with a way to know which dies have extra pieces and which die these extra pieces went to.

Here is a sample of the Bakery Box die I just bought:

What I did was printed out the title "QK Bakery Box  #1" -- that way I will know that I have the larger die piece and #1 reminds me that I will have additional dies to go with this --- and you can see in the photo on the snack sized bag I have "QK  Bakery Box  #2". And again that tells me that those smaller dies go with the Bakery Box die set.

Have these in a clear box from Mikes that I used to keep card stock in --- it has a snap lid and Mikes has them on sale all the time --- but did not want to just toss the dies in this larger box and not know what dies are in there so I typed up a die list and I taped it on the inside of the lid to this storage box. Since my smaller QuicKutz dies are in the ArtBin I taped a copy of the list of the larger dies to the inside of the ArtBin as well and this is what that looks like:

For now the box with the snap lid will keep all the larger dies together and everything is labeled inside so I will be able to find what die and pieces I am looking for. Had the plastic bags and the snap box on hand so was able to set this up when we arrived home from our day trip to Wegmans --- it was sunny and 73 in VA so puppy was happy he could hang his head out the window, ears flopping in the breeze. TFL and YOLO


Anonymous said...

Looks like some great finds.....I'm hoping to find some on my upcoming holiday either in Chicago or Dublin. :)


Joanie said...

I lived in Upstate NY as well and moved to Indiana..... and miss Wegman's too... there is no place like it in the Midwest..

Candee said...

Joanie - one of the gals at my stamp club here in NC could not believe we would drive all the way to Wegmans in VA - but unless you have shopped there? You just don't know what you are missing --- thanks for your visit to my blog and hoping warmer SPRING weather is with you -- Candee P

Candee said...

Hi Cathy--have a safe trip wherever you end up for your holiday--I was quite surprised to fine the dies for 70% off but happy when I left the store - :0) And after all of that I still did not buy what I went in there for as they were sold out -- so will continue looking for that product while I 'play' with the new dies I have. Thanks for your blog visit. Candee P