Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chapped Lips ? ? ?

More than once a cling stamp has fallen off the acrylic block on the way to the card stock that is cut and waiting to be stamped . .  different ideas out there as to how to keep the stamps on the blocks -- from washing the acrylic blocks and letting them air dry to using glue and then cleaning that off after stamping, to using glue dots and removing them later. . . One tip was shared and I posted on my blog but today I finally got to try it --- and ? ? ?  It works and works well --- all you need is a regular Chap Stick -- that brand and not scented -- just the plain Chap Stick.   I had just bought a new stamp set from Stampin Up and I tried this with a brand new stamp to show how this works:

In the photo is my card stock, the Chap Stick, my new snowman stamp, and the acrylic block. Less is more for this technique -- just put a dab (lightly) in the center of the snowman and put the block over that and pressed down and the stamp stayed on the block ---

Here is the snowman stuck to the block and now on the ink pad:

and my image after stamping:

and after I cleaned the stamp on the stamp scrub pad:

Once the stamp was cleaned I took it off the block and used a clean tissue to wipe the Chap Stick off the back of the stamp and also the acrylic block. Easy peasy clean up --- I keep the Chap Stick in my clear plastic tray that holds the acrylic blocks so when I need to use it again it will be with the blocks. Neat tip and cheap too as I think the Chap Stick was less than $1.50.  TFL and YOLO

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MaryH said...

Good idea. Will have to try that. It's a new technique for me...never heard of using chap stick for 'glue'. TFS