Monday, April 21, 2014

Stuck on this solution ---

Problems all began when I took a card class with Daphne teaching us all about distress inks. I had bought a few of the distress inks here and there -- mostly for Boo Day (Halloween) cards and projects. I had my one blending tool applicator handle that you attach a new foam pad for each distress ink colour. I had a small shelf to keep my very few distress inks on  . . . but after my class with Daphne and all I learned I bought more of the distressed inks on sale on when they had a sale going on plus a great shipping deal -- so my one little shelf was not working. Now I had a new system --- two side by side holders and all my distress ink pads were in that, labeled, and in alpha order by ink name. But still problems arose using the distressed inks . . .

Daphne had told us in class since we were making cards with four colours that when using the distressed inks it is a good idea to have an applicator handle for each of your colours as you will go back and forth adding your colours as you work your project. This saves time switching out your foam pad for applying the inks and it will also keep your foam pad from getting muddled by using it for more than one colour. But to me to buy an applicator handle for each ink I have is a waste of my crafting dollars so something had to be done . .

A couple of weeks back Mikes had a really good sale on their scrapbooking/card making storage supplies and storage items. Their store brand version of white JetMax cubes were on sale for 60% off and I bought two of these 3 drawer units and I put them on my inks counter and inside I have moved all my distressed inks -- problem being I have a credit to use up from the customer garage sale I took part in and I have used my credit for some new distress ink pads. So my latest storage system for my distressed inks was not working anymore -- here is a photo of the 3 drawer units:

In these drawers I have the ink pads flat and I used a label maker to print out a white/black label of each ink colour and I put it at the top of the ink pad. Makes it easy to see the title when I open the drawer. The ink pads are in the top two drawers -- in the bottom drawer I had a few foam pad handle applicators and an opened package of the foam pads waiting to be used.

As I took off one of the used foam pads from an applicator from my class with Daphne it dawned on me -- if the applicator handle holds the foam pad on with velcro then why not use velcro on the ink pad to hold the foam pad? This would eliminate the other problem using the distress inks --- if you have a few foam pads already used how do you know which colour ink pad they were used on? ? ?  There is no place on the foam pads to label them so it is guess work at best.

At the big W store they sell these adhesive small oval velcro tabs:

What I did was pulled off the loops piece -- which is the side you can see with the blue label. Then I put this on the distressed ink pad lid:

The foam pad goes on the velcro on the lid of the ink pad for storage and it looks like this:

Since the drawers in this storage unit are not that deep the ink pads with the foam pads on top of them, are stored side by side. This way when I am working on a project I have to take out the ink pads and the foam pads are attached and no guessing what colour was last used on what foam pad. Finally a system that works for me and a BIG savings of having to buy more and more and more of the blending tool applicator handles that use up so many of my crafting dollars . . .  TFL and YOLO

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MaryH said...

Candee, I glued my Velcro on the back side of the pad. Then the pads will still stack together. One other thing I did, had a dowel cut down into sections about the size of the tool handle. Then had a square piece about the size of the tool 'head', with a small hole drilled - like you would set a screw (the hole is sort of 'bored out', but not cut all through the wood). Glued the dowel handle into the wood piece, Voila, have lots of applicators for the cost of the dowel and the square shaped piece of wood (mine was scrap). Then glued some heavy duty Velcro on the 'made' tool head, attach my sponges. I use these for the colors I use frequently, so I don't have to change them out a lot. The other stamp pads have the already used sponge velcroed to the back. You also can use a blue family w/o changing the sponge each time. (etc). If questions, email. Hope this helps. Hugs