Monday, April 7, 2014

Weeeeeeeeeee . . .

Stampin Up re-inkers, storage, and me . . . this addiction, I mean hobby, began and all good intentions I had for keeping things in order, organized, able to find them, yada, yada. . . but somewhere along the way. . .

Way back when I bought a stamp pad holder from -- great idea, on sale, but had to wait 6 weeks to get it. Re-inkers were not a big deal and was happy to have them in a basket in the drawer near the new ink pad holder. Then found the ink pad holder that holds the re-inkers from and I bought it -- on sale . . . Waited for delivery, filled it up, and boom --- how to store the re-inkers to the pads in the other holder that does not hold the re-inkers next to the pads?

Here is the holder with the stamp pads and re-inkers next to them:

and the original holder that holds the ink pads only:

To remind me that the ink pads in the holder without the space for re-inkers have re-inkers I made a mark on the end of the ink pads with a marker. All these re-inkers were in the basket in the drawer. But reorganized again and bought the tool caddy from Harbor Freight to hold things on my work counter so I put the re-inkers in that:

Put the re-inkers from the basket onto the new tool caddy holder and since there are sections on this caddy I put all the colour family of the re-inkers in a section. Now if I wanted a green re-inker I did not have to dig through a big basket looking for it...... sounded great and worked fine until it didn't. . . found I had to keep taking more and more of the re-inkers off the caddy to find the colour I wanted. Grew tired of that but what to do? Not about to buy another ink pad holder just to have the re-inkers next to the ink pads. But also did not want to have to go out and buy another system that may or may not work . . . meanwhile the re-inkers had a free ride on the spinning tool caddy whenever I would turn it for another tool ... Weeeeee  . . . .

Had recently seen holders for Stickles on an online scrapbook store and they were on sale -- ordered those and put the Stickles in there --- had had them in an Art Bin box for Stickles but thought I would use them more in these holders -- that did not work-- I did not use my Stickles more so back in the Art Bin for them . .  . .  but I remembered I had these holders on hand . . .  took all the re-inkers off the tool caddy on the work counter. Put them in a basket and went over to the computer.

Made a list of all my re-inkers from the tool caddy and the list is numbered and in alphabetical order by colour title.  Printed this list out on white/GP card stock and used a 1/4" circle punch to punch out the numbers next to the title. Used the small glue dots behind the numbered circles and put them on the top of the Stampin Up re-inkers. Then put these in numerical order in the holders in the drawer and here they are:

Printed a copy of the numbers/titles list off the computer onto copy paper and put this in the drawer next to the re-inkers. This way when I am looking for a re-inker I find the title on the list and that number is the number I will need for the re-inker.

 FINALLY a system that I know will work for me -- these are in the drawer by the ink pad holder they go with. As for the tool caddy? Will easily be able to find small items to fill up the now vacated sections from the re-inkers. TFL and YOLO

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Brenda said...

You are a clever organizer Candee! I think you need to come here and get me nice and organized too. lol Hugs