Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rubber Stamp Tapestry Storage

Rubber Stamp Tapestry used to sell their stamp sets in these small zip top bags with the peg stamps inside with a card stock paper which has the title and stamp design on the front. The problem with this storage is it is hard to get the stamps and stamped image card stock out of the baggie. The baggie also is not free standing so I kept these sets in a box with a lid -- out of sight, out of mind. . . .  but then it dawned on me once I looked through the Stampin Up big catalog. . . .

Stampin Up sells empty plastic stamp storage boxes for all their stamps. They have boxes for the stamp sets and a half case for single stamps. The half cases are sold 4 for $4.95. I bought some of the half cases for my Rubber Stamp Tapestry sets and here is what they look like now:

Some of the Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamp sets have three peg stamps or more -- one of the stamp sets I have has 7 peg stamps and they all fit comfortably in these boxes. The boxes I can stand up on my bookshelf or stack them for storage -- either way the boxes keep all my sets in tack. All I had to do is trim a little of the stamped card stock label sides off to fit in the plastic sleeve on the box and I was all set. Will now decide where on my shelf I will store them and use the label maker to label them all. TFL and YOLO

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