Saturday, November 15, 2014

Napkin Pumpkin Cards

Picked up a package of holiday napkins for Thanksgiving and here are the cards I made using these napkins --- but first for this card I used the Napkin Transfer Technique where you use a printed napkin, clear cling wrap, and card stock for your card.

To begin with many of the dollar stores sell holiday napkins as do craft stores in their holiday sections. Once you open your napkin you may see the pattern on the four folds of the napkin. All napkins have "ply" which is the paper layers that make up the napkin. The cheaper napkins usually have two layers but could have more. With your napkin open use scissors to cut a printed section off the napkin --- I always cut one of the four squares and always leave your napkin piece larger than the die you are going to cut your napkin out with.

Once you have your napkin square cut out of the napkin, gently separate the printed pattern front of your napkin from the backing pieces (ply) so you will only have your printed piece to work with. Gently separate the napkin pieces so you do not tear a hole in your printed napkin piece. Discard the backing (ply) piece(s). I use aluminum foil from the dollar store and tore off a piece larger than what my napkin piece was. Put this foil piece on the ironing board flat -- smoothed out any wrinkles. Turn on the iron to med-hot and do not use steam for this process.

While the iron is heating up I cut a piece of card stock larger than my printed napkin piece. Put the card stock on your foil on the ironing board. Then use NON MICROWAVEABLE clear cling wrap (I used Glad Wrap) and tear off a piece larger than the card stock piece but still smaller than the foil piece. Put the cling wrap over the card stock on the ironing board and smooth out all wrinkles. Then put your printed napkin piece on top of this -- being sure there are no wrinkles. On top of the printed napkin piece now put another piece of foil, again larger than the cling wrap, the card stock, and the printed napkin piece.I try to keep the bottom foil and the top foil pieces about the same size.

Using the iron go over the foil "sandwich" lifting the iron and moving it as you go. The important thing is to be sure the cling wrap has melted as this is what will hold your napkin piece onto the card stock. Once it is heated and done you are now ready to make your card.

Here are photos of Thanksgiving cards I just made using this technique:

For my card I used the Spellbinders Pumpkin Die set and using the largest pumpkin die I cut out the printed napkin/card stock piece. Then I used Shimmer Mist and spritzed that onto my napkin/pumpkin pieces. While that was drying I cut and scored a piece of card stock for the the card stock base. The Spellbinders Pumpkin Dies are "wonky" in that the top of the pumpkin is not even -- so to make the card stock base I lined up the fold of my card stock just under the lowest part of the die and then cut the card stock base out -- this way the fold of the card will not be cut --- here is a photo of the back of the card to show this:

Also here is a photo of two of my Napkin Pumpkin Cards that I made -- the card on the left I used the pumpkin coloured card stock for the napkin/front piece and then the card on the right I used the cream for the napkin/front piece:

The card on the left has a more pumpkin coloured looked to it because the pumpkin card stock colour shows through the printed napkin piece where the card on the right, with the cream pumpkin card stock behind the printed napkin, gives the card front truer colours on the pumpkins and such.

Other tips --- I use painters tape to keep my metal dies in place on my card stock when I am cutting them out in the machine. If you should also do that be sure when you tape your pumpkin die onto your printed napkin piece that you put your tape towards the outside of your metal die. This way, once the die cut piece has been cut, and you are removing your die from the napkin piece that you do not tear a hole in your die cut napkin shape from the tape.

Easy technique and a quick way to make holiday shaped cards. Used various holiday stamps and banner dies for the greetings at the top of the pumpkins. Ribbon and twine are from the stash. TFL and YOLO

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You are SO creative! Every day I look forward to your blog. This is so unique. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.