Sunday, January 25, 2015

Enameled dots

The Perler beads of it all  . . .    had seen this long ago and just tried it out today for myself. These enamel looking dots were made using a toaster oven, parchment paper, and Perler Beads from Mikes.

Had seen a few videos on this technique and so I made my own --- I used a toaster oven outside in the garage (for fumes) and melted my Perler Beads from Mikes. Here is the new pack of those I used:

and so I will share what I learned. . .

Supplies needed:

Toaster oven
parchment paper
Exacto knife
Perler Beads (new ones not old ones from the kids as they don't melt well older)

First I used the Black and Decker toaster oven and these are the settings I used:

350 is the temp I used and I pre-heated the toaster oven while I was putting my beads on the parchment paper on the toaster oven tray. Here are the beads, standing upright on the tray, right after I put them in the toaster oven:

and approx 15 minutes in the toaster oven before I took them out:

Once this batch was done I removed them and cooled them and then removed them with a spatula approx 5 minutes later.

Second batch were the Perler Beads I had cut in half with an Exacto knife --- and they took approx 13 minutes to melt. Here is a photo of some of the cooled, finished beads -- full beads and then the half beads on the right to show the difference in size:

While I was at Mikes I picked up a bag of their brand shimmer Pony beads to see how those would turn out --- here is a photo of that bag:

Due to whatever they put on the beads to add the shimmer this is a photo of those beads after 17 minutes and I can not think of any projects I will be using them on --- haha:

They discoloured and are all wonky and look like lumps. Will have to try regular Pony beads as I know those will make larger enameled dots than the Perler Beads do and I really like the look of the enameled dots but not the price --- but I will say the beads certainly do smell and not only would I not put them in my regular oven but I would not cook them in the house -- esp the Pony beads -- very smelly. I expected things to get smokey but am happy to say that did not happen. 

The Perler Beads melted evenly and are smooth and flat on the bottom -- remember to use the PARCHMENT paper and NOT waxed paper. Fun technique watching them melt but I suggest you do keep your eyes on them. I also think next time I will melt all like colours together as the lighter ones melted faster than the darker ones.  TFL and YOLO


lifesabeach32940 said...

Candee ~

I've seen this technique posted a few times but have been leery to try it ... thanks for taking the plunge!! I'm going to pick up some of those beads at Mikes to create my own.

Brenda said...

I think that the perler beads melt so much easier than the pony beads and they don't smell as bad. lol But I like the pony beads too. I have found too to melt all of the same colors together because different colors melt faster than other colors. Hugs, Brenda

MaryH said...

Hey Candee, TFS the pictures & how-tos. Sweet Brenda sent me some that she made (which I forget to use!) and they turned out great. Yours looked so nice as well. I know 'pony' beads,but will have to look for the perler beads. That's a new term to me. Hope all is well. Hugs