Saturday, January 24, 2015

The pare down - - -

Busy in the craft room weeding out, paring down, re-organizing as I go. Wanted to decide what I really use, what I really need, and what I really want. . .  had over 300 Stampin Up wooden stamp sets and that was too much. Due to that volume I had a binder with all the SU stamp set photos I had and I kept that in alphabetical order by set. This way I could check the binder to see if I had a particular stamp set rather than to try to dig through the SU cabinet.

Went to the Restore for Habitat for Humanity and bought this used book case for $12.00. DH cut a piece of wood to add three shelves to it and on the top of the book case I have all the SU wooden stamp sets I have decided to keep:

As I acquired the stamp sets I used the label maker and put the stamp set title on the end of the cases and I keep them in alphabetical order by clamshell box size:

Much easier to find a stamp set now if I should see a project that I need a set for. With the paring down I can now get rid of the binder I had for all the stamp sets. 

My cling sets (much less of the SU ones) I keep in a nearby cabinet. This used shelf also has room for the Paper Trey Ink, Close To My Heart, and Gina K Designs stamp sets that I also have. Well worth the $12.00 --- DH wants to know when I am going to paint the three shelves he cut for me? My answer? Probably when the craft room is all organized.... which has yet to be 100% ... ;0)   TFL and YOLO


Brenda said...

You are the queen of organizing Candee! Now I need you to come up and organize me. lol Hugs, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Candee, I must agree with Brenda, you are tops at organizing. Question: I noticed on your clamshells to the left of the name label you have colored dots--
If I may ask---what does each color dot signify?

Hugs and smiles, Reva

MaryH said...

WTGo, Mr. W. You're so lucky to have such a handyman at your house. Clever, cheap & workable storage. Just showed to the Mr. here, and he says "I can do that if you want". We'll see! You are the Q of organizing - fer sure. You having a stamp sale????TFS