Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bunny Bag

Had ordered from in the past -- they carry My Favorite Things, Taylored Expressions, Tattered Lace, Cheery Lynn Designs and such and with each order I had gotten a good price, good shipping charges, and fast shipping -- which to us card makers -- is great. But. . .

I had never ordered any of their dies -- Top Dog Dies -- until earlier this week. I am on their email mailing list and they were having a sale so I decided I would order two of their brand dies and give them a try. I ordered a bunny for Easter and another die.

Wanted to use the bunny on a treat holder for Easter but what holder would I use? Had recently made this treat holder for Valentine's Day but did not want my bunny to be on such a big treat holder so I adjusted the pattern -- here is the Valentine's Day holder I had made:

Also I wanted my treat holder to be open at the top so after a couple of adjustments here is my Bunny Bag for Easter:

My pattern for this bag is:

Card stock is cut to 8 1/2" x 4 1/2. Score this with the long edge at the top of the score board at:
1 1/2", 4", 5 1/2", and again at 8".

Turn with short edge at the top of the score board:
1 1/4"

Cut your scored line at the bottom of your bag:

Once the scored lines have been creased used scissors and clip the scored lines and cut off the small scored line on the smallest scored section of the bag. Used red sticky tape to put the bag together. (The white card stock in the photo was my sample piece for my pattern).

After the bag was made I cut a piece of plaid card stock from the Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby for the front panel -- 2 1/4" x 3". Put that on the front panel using the ATG.

Used #110 weight white card stock from Mikes to cut out my bunny in the Cuttlebug. Even with this thicker card stock the Top Dog bunny die cut out the bunny, with details, the first pass through the Cuttlebug. After it was cut out I used light gray ink and sponged the edges of the bunny. Here is photo of the bunny die to show the detail on the die but also the extras it cuts out:

The die has the bunny, the two pieces for the pink for the bunny ears, eggs, and a nose piece. But for my bunny I used a small heart punch for my bunny nose. I put the pink ear pieces and heart nose on my bunny using a glue pen. Put my bunny on my treat bag using pop dots for dimension.

Then I decided to add a carrot for my bunny so I used the carrot die from Taylored Expressions for that:

This die has detailed lines on the carrot and that transfers to the die cut carrot:

Once the carrot piece and the greens at the top of the carrot were cut out using the Cuttlebug I sponged the edges with ink for detail.

This Bunny Bag could be punched at the top edge of the bag (while it is flat before you add adhesive and make it into your bag) with a decorative edge punch if you'd like. I will fill my Bunny Bag with paper shred from the dollar store and fill it up with Easter treats. Cute bunny and easy treat holder to put together. TFL and YOLO

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lifesabeach32940 said...

I LOVE your bunny bag, Candee!! I bought this same die last season, and I love seeing new inspiration for using it!! Thank you for the directions for putting together the bag!! I appreciate it!!