Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cherry Tootsie Pop Holders

These are all Tootsie Pop holders for the Cherry Tootsie Pops I picked up at Walgreens. The first holder:

Black card stock for the holder, heart print is BoBunny, and the checkered top flap is a piece of Washi Tape. For the glittered star I cut a piece of white/GP card stock 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. Ran the ATG over that for adhesive and then put the same size piece of red glittered wrapping paper over that. Pressed them together with my hands to be sure the adhesive stuck the two layers together. Used a small Marvy heart punch and punched out a heart. Put the heat on the holder using a small glue dot. Added sheer ribbon to tie the holder closed.

For this next holder I used pink card stock for the holder and then a print for the front of it. Added black and white dotted Washi tape to the top flap:

For the heart I used the Sizzix Hearts, Primitive die and cut out the hearts. Then put them in an embossing folder and embossed them for texture. Added black ribbon to tie the holder closed.

These two white holders were made using a piece of Plummer's Gasket in the Cuttlebug:

I wanted to use the Stampin Up Adornments hearts embossing folder on the front of these two holders but since it is an inch wide folder/pattern if I were to keep moving the small folder up and down on my holder front and then embossed it in the Cuttlebug then I would have ridges/lines between my rows. The Plummer's Gasket prevents these lines -- here is a sample piece that I made using the gasket piece to see how it would turn out:

Wanted to use this smaller folder for the embossed hearts as the Tootsie Pop holders are 2" wide so there is not a lot of room to emboss it --- to use the gasket piece I cut it a bit wider than the pattern on the embossing folder and I left the length as it was. (These rubber mats are 6 x 6 when sold). For my sandwich for the Cuttlebug I used the A plate, the embossing folder with card stock inside, the gasket piece on top of that and then a B plate on top of that. Here is a photo of the cut gasket for this folder and you can see the gasket is a bit larger than the embossing folder pattern:

The top photo shows the embossing folder and the photo below that shows my trimmed gasket piece and how it is wider than the pattern in the folder -- 

And the above photo shows the detail of the embossing Tootsie Pop holder front using this small embossing folder with the gasket. The heart crystal is from the dollar store and it is on the holder using a mini glue dot. 

For all these Tootsie Pop holders I cut my card stock 2" wide by 9" long. Scored this, with the longer side at the top of the score board, at 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and again at 8". I cut and scored all my holders and then used the bone folders to crease the scored lines. For the black holder and the pink holder I added a piece of printed card stock to the holder fronts -- BOTH of my printed card stocks have a directional pattern so I was careful to be sure to put them on the holder fronts right side up. The printed patterned pieces are 3 1/4" x 1 3/4". Used the ATG to add them to the fronts. 

For the second white holder I used Washi tape (Hampton Art @ Walmart) in between the rows of the hearts embossing --- again used the gasket piece so that I would not get the ridges/lines on the holder front. For this holder I used a corner rounder punch on the top flap of the holder. Here is that holder again:

Four different looks using the same Tootsie Pop holder pattern. TFL and YOLO

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