Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tissue??? I hardly know you !!!

Here is a photo of two samples of the Faux Silk Technique that I just put together:

This technique can be done two different ways -- and this will give you two different results.

To begin with I decided to use the Stampin Up Painted Petals clear stamp set -- a faux headache for sure -- but that is another story. . .

With the sample on the left in this photo I stamped the leaves/flowers onto white/GP card stock. While that was drying I cut a piece of white tissue paper, using scissors, larger than my stamped card stock. I crumpled the tissue paper up into a small ball, being sure to really scrunch it, and then carefully opening it as to not tear it. Using a glue pen I ran that all over the stamped piece, being sure to get glue on all my edges. Once that was covered in glue I laid my crinkled tissue paper over the stamped piece and gently smoothed that out with my hands --- being sure all the edges stuck to the tissue paper. Using scissors I trimmed the excess tissue paper off the stamped piece. Here is a closer photo of this piece:

As you can see in this photo you can clearly see the wrinkles in the tissue paper from your crumpling it up. It gives your stamped image a softer look as well as the wrinkles in the tissue paper giving this piece texture.

Now to the other way to do this technique:

Again in this photo this second technique is the sample piece on the right. For this sample I stamped the stamps onto the tissue paper it self. Then crumpled this up and opened it slowly so I would not tear the tissue. Cut my white card stock to the size I would need and again covered the white card stock with a glue stick. Once covered in glue I put the stamped tissue on the white card stock piece. Again using scissors I trimmed off the excess tissue paper so it would be the same size as the white card stock.

Here is a closer photo of that technique:

In both of my samples I did not ink the stamps and stamp off --- I inked the stamps and went right to the card stock piece and the tissue piece. As you can see with stamping on the tissue VS stamping on the white card stock your image will be brighter/darker. In the sample on the left, stamping on the card stock and then putting crumpled tissue over it, you have a softer stamped image. You also notice the texture more on that sample.

Guess it is a personal preference as to which way you would want to do the Faux Silk Technique but you get two different looks by doing it two different ways. But using the SU Painted Petals stamp set can give you a faux headache -- I bought the clear stamp set and in the clear stamp only all the flower and leaves stamps are separated so I had to watch a couple of videos on Youtube to see how to use this stamp set before the headache began. . . Trick to it all is to stamp the stem/leaf stamps first and then stamp your flowers/petals over those.

Other trick -- be sure to have a really good quality glue stick for this technique and be sure to really cover all edges of your card stock with a glue stick to put your tissue on. Be careful not to smooth out your crease lines in the tissue piece as that is what gives this technique the dimension. Easy technique to do and a new way to add a different look to a stamped piece. TFL and YOLO

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