Wednesday, June 10, 2015

School's OUT for Summer -- :0)

Below are photos of items I made for the gals at work for the last day of school:

Made them all a Chocolate Nugget Hat, Chocolate Nugget Purse, and a Post-It Note Holder. Had cut out four of the SU Scallop Bags and using two butterfly punches I put butterflies on the front of the holder:

Filled the bag with paper shred from the dollar store and more chocolate candies and on the top put the purse and the hats. Put this bag and the Post-It Note holder in a printed bag from the dollar store and tied a ribbon to close the bag:

In this photo I moved the ribbon so you can see once I put the paper shred in the bag, and my items on top of that I folded the top of the bag over to close it. Then used a small circle punch and punched two holes at the top to run the ribbon through and tied it closed. I used ribbon to match the colours of the items I made so I would know which bag held which colours. This way the ladies would have their choice of colours.

To begin with some treat holders and gift holders are "go to" projects. The Nugget Hats are at the top of the list of "go to" projects. Every one loves them and they are very easy to put together and the biggest plus is they use scraps. This idea is from Wanda at and she has directions on her blog. A BIG thank you to her for sharing one of the cutest Chocolate Nugget Holders out there for us crafters.

I also took photos to show how I made my hats and I used scrap card stocks in different colours to help show this better. To begin with here is a list of punches I used to make my hats:

1 1/2" scalloped circle punch
1 3/8" circle punch
1/4" circle punch
3/4" circle punch


1 brad
1 strip of card stock 1" x 3 1/8"

To begin with I cut my candy wrapper -- the 1" x 3 1/8" -- in this photo it is the green piece. Then I punched out a scalloped circle -- in this photo it is the white piece. Then punched out a 1 3/8" circle and in this photo it is the plum piece:

You see the white circle on the left and that is a template I had made with a hole in the center of it. This is the template I use on all the hats so it is easy to mark the center to punch my hole in. I laid the white circle template on top of the plum circle and marked the hole with a pencil and then removed the template and punched my hole. Also marked the center of the candy wrapper (the green piece) and punched a hole in that. Now I put these pieces together -- the green strip, the white scalloped piece and the plum circle on top of that. Using an orange brad I put that in the holes to keep these pieces together. Because the brad is not flat when you make the hats you need to allow space for the brad. Using the 1/4" circle punch I punched 5 holes in scrap plum card stock:

You need to leave space between these holes so you can punch over them using a 3/4" circle punch:

Once you have all five of those punched out using a glue pen stack the five circles on top of each other and use the glue pen to put these on your hat piece over the brad:

This photo is taken from the side so you can see the circles stacked over the brad. Once that was in place I punched out 16 more 3/4" circles and I used a different colour to show these:

Once again used the glue pen on these and stacked them. Then used the glue pen and put them on my hat piece over the brad piece:

Once these are on and set -- it does not take long-- Using red sticky tape I put ribbon around the stack on the top of the hat and then I put the wrapper around the Hershey Nugget candy using glue dots. Then I added a flower and sprig using a glue dot and the hat is done:

Very easy to make and really cute. For the purse I used the SU Scallop Tag die and cut that out and scored that and punched two small holes at the top for the ribbon handle. Added the candy piece using a glue dot. Easy purse to make and they go well with the hats. 

Quick and easy projects for the gals at work for their summer send off. TFL and YOLO


lifesabeach32940 said...

O.K. I absolutely LOVE the hats and the purses!! SWEET!! I've seen the hats before on Wanda's blog, but I want to thank you for the reminder!! :) Do you have the dimensions/score measurements for the purse? I LOVE how these match!!

Thanks for the ongoing inspiration, Candee!!

Cindy said...

Absolutely love these again. Wonderful gift idea. Thanks!

Brenda said...

These are adorable Candee! I especially love the little hats, too cute! Hugs, Brenda

Candee said...

Thanks for the nice comments on the treat holders for the gals at work. Here are the measurements for the matching purses: using the SU Two Tags die I cut out one of the scalloped tags. Using the score board I put the straight end of the tag up against the side of the score board -- this will have the length of the tag at the top of the board. Using the scoring tool score this at 1 1/4" and again at 2 1/4". Then score just below the bottom scallop and then score above the bottom scallop. Use the bone folder and crease the score lines. Using a small circle punch make two circles in the scalloped scored area. This is the part of the tag you will put ribbon on for the purse handles. Run a piece of ribbon through the holes you punched and tie the ends of the ribbon in knots so it stays on the purse. Put the candy nugget in the purse using a glue dot. Fold the tag on the scored lines. Use a mini glue dot to hold the front flap closed on the purse. Use a small flower punch and make a flower for the front flap of the purse. Add a crystal to the center of that and your purse is done. Quick and easy once all your scalloped tags are cut out. Thanks for your blog visits and nice comments -- Candee P