Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Three M's...

I have a blog follower that I was able to meet a few years back -- Mary from South Carolina. Mary is another card maker and her talents are not only layers but her magical Copic talents. . . She and I email back and forth about online stores we buy from, new products, what we are working on and the like.

Mary had told me about a tool she had bought awhile back -- MISTI. Mary bought this and has used it and was happy with it and told her stamping groups about this tool and they also bought it. Mary thought it would be of interest to me as many times when I make cards I make 15-20 to mail out at one time --- knowing that the MISTI is good for "assembly line" cards Mary emailed me about this product.

At the time I had not heard too much about the MISTI as I do not know anyone here that has one. But once again Mary mentioned it to me and she told me her fellow stampers all like the tool and that I should really check into it. One thing I know about Mary --- she is careful buying products she will use for her card making and she does not just buy whatever should come on the market one day and be gone the next. So after her last email mentioning the MISTI I decided to watch some YouTube videos on this product.

I probably watched 5 or 6 videos and then the last video I saw made the sale. Iliana, the inventor of the MISTI, made a video "10 Tags in 10 Minutes".  She had 10 tags she had die cut and then in 10 minutes she stamped all the tags -- perfectly each time. Once I decided I would order this I emailed Mary and asked her if any of her stamping buddies had any issues with their MISTI tools as I had read a woman had hers arrive and it was cracked? The lady explained that she emailed Iliana right away and that night Iliana emailed her back that she was mailing out a replacement.

To begin with here is my MISTI -- the Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented and from what I have seen on the videos? It is:

This is my MISTI as it was unpacked from the mailing box. When I ordered my MISTI I ordered two of the magnets and also the plexiglass cleaner Iliana recommends for cleaning the screens. Some people have complained about the magnets being so powerful that if they get too close together they will click together. To separate them take them to the edge of your counter and simply slide off the top magnet from the bottom and you will not pinch your fingers.

In some of the videos for the MISTI other users have made "accessories" for their MISTI. First a transparency sheet the same size as your card front and "bumpers" which will help with placement of your card stock to be stamped -- see videos and they will explain that. Here are photos of the ones I made for my MISTI:

This photo above is the transparency sheet that I had copied at the office supply store onto clear sheets. Iliana offers this template free on her website: Here is a photo of the "bumpers" I made from quilting pattern sheets that I bought from I watched the videos, made my "bumpers" and got my transparency sheet made and the MISTI arrived and with work and such I did not get to open it until a week after it arrived... :0( Here is a photo of the "bumpers":

But opened it I did.... put my clear protective sheet on the cover of my MISTI, opened it and removed my magnets and her business card. Then lifted the foam pad insert and doesn't it figure? My MISTI had a crack in the lower right corner....A H H H H H  ............  What to do? I emailed Iliana and told her what had happened and that NIGHT she emails me back that another MISTI was on it's way to my house!!! Two days later? I opened my new MISTI the day it arrived and all is well --- THANK YOU Iliana for such great service!

You can order this product from Iliana at and if you just get the MISTI it is $50.00. The magnets, cleaner, and a pad of grid sheets is extra. However, if you order this MISTI from they sell it in a package deal and it is $119.00. I was not about to pay that so I ordered mine from Iliana's website.

Some people would say this is a pricey tool but I don't --- it replaces all the clear blocks we use for stamping --- if you were to buy a full set of clear blocks from Stampin Up in their new catalog the price is $67.00 for all their clear blocks. Plus if you have a larger background stamp you would need a MegaMount clear block from Impression Obsession to use the larger stamps. This sells for $25.00. So between the $67.00 plus shipping/handling for the clear block set and the $25.00 plus shipping/handling for the MegaMount you are saving by buying the MISTI.

Lots of things I want to use my MISTI for and I will be posting them this week. If it works as great as the videos say it will I am in love... THANKS to Mary for suggesting this tool and for Iliana for such fast and satisfactory customer service...

I store my MISTI and the transparency sheet and the "bumpers" in a thin Iris container I had other things in and took them out so MISTI has a safe place in the craft room. How many times have we ruined a card front with a stamp falling off a block? Maybe being crooked -- the MISTI takes that all away and so you will not only save time while stamping but also card stock and supplies. TFL and YOLO


Brenda said...

I too love my MISTI Candee, it works great and now I can hardly stamp without it. lol It is an awesome tool and like you I think it is well worth the money because we all know what those acrylic blocks cost! The owner is a doll and offers the best customer service and she is fast at shipping too. Enjoy your MISTI Candee!! Hugs, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Candee--I apologize to you. I had seen the MISTI a while back but $50 was steep. Then I saw some videos and then my eyes and fingers (77yrs old) began to say Reva I think maybe you need a MISTI. Told my daughter about it-- sending her video links. Well we ordered 3-the third one being for granddaughters birthday. Am so sorry I didn't pass the info on to you last fall. I was careful not to let the magnets come close to each other --they are so strong BUT I was not quick enough to keep them from moving across my little folding table that has metal legs. Love my little table and your tip-- how to separate them should they ever need to keep company in the future.
Hugs and smiles Reva

Deb said...

I was hesitate at first to spend that kind of money but after watching the videos I couldn't wait to get one. I love making multiple cards in a variety of colors and the MISTI makes it so easy. I used to spend forever making sure my sentiment was straight before I stamped it on my finished cards and let's just say ruined lots of cards because I didn't get it straight or it didn't stamp well. The MISTI has saved me lots of card stock because now once I get it set up I can stamp a bunch of cards and the sentiment is perfect and STRAIGHT every time! I love my MISTI and know you will too!!