Saturday, July 25, 2015

When Cheery Meets Cottage . . .

More and more manufacturers are releasing more detailed dies and die sets. With the more detailed dies you have to be willing to do the work . . .   or do you?

Love Cottage Cutz dies -- have a few and have ordered them from both and also  with good customer service and shipping. Cottage Cutz has detailed shaped dies and for my sample I will show their Oval Doily & Frame die set. Although it is a one piece die it cuts two pieces with one pass in the Cuttlebug. Here is a photo of this die to show all the small details of the die:

For my samples I used a plum coloured card stock from Close To My Heart and this is a thicker card stock as is Stampin Up. Here is my first sample using my Cuttlebug to cut it, and as I always do with such detailed dies, I ran it through the Cuttlebug and once it was through I left it in the machine and ran it backwards so it would have two passes in the machine. Using the awl to get this out of the die here is my cut sample:

After I got the pieces out of the die here are my poked pieces:

When first you don't succeed . . .  Cleaned out all the pieces left in the die and began again. This time I used the same card stock but before putting the card stock on the die first I put a piece of waxed paper over the die. Again ran it through the Cuttlebug, forward and back, and my results using the waxed paper:

Clearly the waxed paper helped but still had to use the awl to get the parts out of the cut piece and the die itself . . .  but when first you don't succeed . . .

Simply put? There HAD to be a way to cut these more detailed dies without having to set aside an extra hour per project just to make a die cut....

Checked around and stumbled across a video on YouTube by Cheery Lynn Designs. Saw that and made the rounds -- to AC Moore, Mikes, and finally Joanns..... none of the stores had a metal shim in stock so came home from the stores on Thursday morning and ordered my metal shim from Much to my surprise that afternoon I received an email that my shim was being shipped -- from Phoenix, Arizona to me in North Carolina... I figured it would be here probably with the Monday mail man. . .  Happy me that it arrived today and I have already tried it out.

To begin with here is a photo of this shim:

Removed it from the packaging and put Scotch tape on the four edges as the packaging suggests before I used it:

Now to the Cuttlebug and the sandwich of it all. The sandwich I used was:

A plate
Metal shim
C plate
Die - cut side up
Card stock
B plate

Once again I ran this through the Cuttlebug, forward and back. Once I removed the B plate, as the video had suggested, I looked a the piece in the die and decided to turn the die, with the card stock still in place, sideways and put the B plate back on top and again ran it through the machine forward and back. Here is my die cut piece after two rides through the Cuttlebug:

Very few pieces left in the die itself and here is a photo showing all three of the die cut oval frames.
Left one is just the card stock and the die, middle oval is card stock with waxed paper and the die, right oval is using the Cheery Lynn metal die shim:

Before the metal shim I have tried waxed paper with card stock and even added card stock shims and still things do not always cut well. Certainly it is not the Cottage Cutz die as other detailed dies also do not cut out well. It is not the card stock as I have used this card stock for other dies, still with details, and they cut well. More and more detailed dies mean more and more cuts per die and that makes for very small cuts on the same die.

This "Metal Adaptor Plate" AKA metal shim is around $11.00 --- some may say that is a lot to pay for a shim -- BUT it is stainless steel and it will last forever and happy me it is made in the USA and that is good. . . . .  but if you don't have one -- how often will you use your detailed dies for your projects?

Have to go search the "Warehouse", as DH calls the craft room, for dies I have and that I have set them aside due to cutting problems . . .  Happy Cheery Lynn also has fast shipping --- TFL and YOLO

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MaryH said...

Candee, I have this shim, and it does work well. But the Sizzix Precision plate is working Much, Much better for me. I usually use it instead of one of the bottom cutting plates. Some of the CL doilies are a PITA to try to cut well and not have to poke out (or even get sharp scissors to finish cuts) even when I use the shim, make the qtr turns and run through the machine again. I had gotten to where I didn't use some of the intricate dies just because of the aggravation. I had seen a video using the Precision plate, and it's been worth every penny. If you've got a friend who has this plate, try it. I think you'll want one! Just sayin.