Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sale Day

Photos of our sale we held today:

Signs I made for our sale using the Slice machine and black card stock from Mike's on poster board from the dollar store. Here are some of our tables with items we were selling:

Needless to say we had a successful sale and enjoyed seeing other crafters that enjoy the paper craft world. When we set up the sale we tried to have like items together and organized as we know when we shop these sales, more times than not, we are looking for certain items to buy. I have been to many stamping sales and things are tossed in boxes, like items not together, items not priced, etc.

Once our tables were set up we put plastic table clothes on them, had boxes to hold like items, hung signs, etc. My theory is it is nicer to buy products at a stamping sale if things are organized and put together. You have to remember you are helping another crafter to stretch their crafting budget at your sale and you want your shoppers to know that they are buying clean items at great prices. As the shoppers came and left we kept up with straightening our tables for new shoppers.

Not all shoppers are into paper crafts . . .  Here is a butterfly -- hard to photograph -- that was more than happy to stick around and check out each of our tables:

This butterfly was absolutely jet black with the prettiest blues on the edges of the wings. But, apparently she was nothing more than a looky-loo as she left the sale with no purchases . . .

Nice to clean out our craft rooms to make room for our new items -- and at least our older, gently used items, have now passed onto other crafters. . . One man's trash is another man's treasure -- I am hoping the shoppers today found some really great finds and will enjoy the new-to-them products that we so enjoyed.

If you are thinking of having a stamping sale ask other stampers if they would want to also sell items with you as you never know if some of your stamping buddies have items they want to be rid of. It is also nice as with two or more sellers setting up and selling is easier. But in the end it is nice to see so many paper crafter's shopping and finding items that maybe they could not buy at other sales. . . A successful day for both sellers and buyers.  TFL


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW! Your sale set up looks fabulous! I totally agree ... I hate going to a sale and having to spend a lot of time going through boxes of this & that. I find I will buy 'more' if I can see at a glance what it is! WELL DONE!! Hope you SOLD OUT! Nice to have one of Mother Nature's creatures scoping out the sales as well ... beautiful photos!

Brenda said...

Your signs and set up looked awesome Candee! I agree, I will buy if I don't have to search boxes for something. I like to see what is for sale, so kudos to you for your nice tables all organized!! I wish I live close by, cause I would have bought one of those ink organizers!! Loved the gorgeous butterfly. lol Glad you made out well! Hugs, Brenda