Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Well.... go figure . . .

Many of the online stores that sell card making/scrapbooking items have incentive programs with your purchase. For some, if your order totals a certain amount, you can qualify for a discount, or free shipping, or my favorite, or so I thought, was "a free die" of their choice. Now being a proud owner of many dies that cut out "thanks" -- in printing and in script -- in small letters as well as capitals -- I am not interested in the "free die of their choice" program.  .  .  .  until . . . --- My Favorite Things --- recently had new products for sale on their website. I placed my order and once again I qualified for "a free die of their choice". Ugh. . . Was looking forward to receiving my new toys -- I mean -- products to play with. . . Ordered from them in the morning, and as usual for them, later that day my items were shipped. MFT is one of the faster online stores I have come across that ships your order as soon as they can, many times the same day the order is placed. Even with my order being their new released products they always ship quickly.

Two days after I placed my order my new loot was here.... Happy me to open my package and see my new products --- pulled out the invoice, my new dies and other items, and there it was. . . "a free die of their choice". . .

HAPPY me to see it was NOT another "thanks" die but a die I really like and will get lots of use out. Well, go figure --- this free to me die I used for my first card I made from that order. Wanted to get it in use and figure out all the "how-to's" of it all.

This die is similar to other Peek-a-Boo dies except instead of circles it is squares. There are also stitching lines around the squares and one side of the die cut square is scored only and not cut so it mimics a window or door.

To begin with I cut and scored my black card stock base using the #110 weight card stock from Mike's. The orange is SU and the prints were in my Halloween bin in pieces so I do not know the manufacturers. The stamps used are the Spider Web stamps from Used ColorBox black ink for those. The ghosts were cut out using an older die from Sizzix (the die is yellow) and I cut them out in the Cuttlebug using white/GP card stock.

Once my black card stock base was cut I then cut a piece of the orange card stock to the size I wanted for the front of the card. Then I had to place my die and cut it out -- for my samples I am showing this on white/GP so it is easier to see the details of this die:

First I trimmed the white card stock to the size I wanted it to be for the card front. Then used a ruler to be sure my die was straight and even on the white piece. Using painter's tape I taped the die to the white card stock. Ran this through the Cuttlebug. Once that was cut out I removed the tape and the die and this is what it looked like:

In the above photo you can see the windows/flaps the die cuts out and you can also see the top of these is just scored and not cut. Nice detail on this die with the stitching as well. Once the card with these windows/flaps goes through the mail system all three of the windows/flaps could be closed. I want to be sure the recipient knows to open them to see what is behind them so I used a small circle punch and punched out a piece of scrap red card stock. Then I put removable adhesive on the back of that and centered it on the flap. Pressed it in place and then used the punch to punch over this red piece and now this will let the recipient know to lift the windows/flaps to see what is inside. Here is what that looks like:

I used the small red piece to make sure each punch I made was centered on the windows/flaps. This will make it easier to use your finger to open these up.

Here is the Peek-A-Boo to You card:

When I get closer to the holiday to mail this card I will add crystals or sequins to dress it up a bit but for now this is the card.

I used the Stamp-A-Mi-Jig to stamp "Spooky", "Boo", "Scary" on the windows/flaps. Then I cut my printed card stocks to the size I wanted and put them on the orange piece using the ATG. Then I put the ghosts in the windows/flaps:

They are angled to be different from each other. I used a small piece of double sided tape to position them onto the orange piece in the windows/flaps. Once I had them where I wanted them I turned this piece over and used a piece of Scotch tape to tape the lower part of the ghosts to the orange card stock front. This will hold them in place on the card.

Once the ghosts were in place I tied a piece of black ribbon on the card front. Then I ran the ATG on the back side of the orange piece and put this on the black card stock base. Easy card to make once I figured out what I wanted in the windows/flaps and which stamps to use that would easily fit onto the front of the windows/flaps.

Happy with the "free die of their choice" this time and am sure I will be getting more use from it. TFL and YOLO


Linda (Lindyloo) said...

What a cute card. That die is a lovely all-year-round die isn't it?
Have you tried turning it & aligning the windows again to cut them out completely? That would extend its use even further: peek-a-boos or apertures in one die, making it a doubly delightful freebie.
I am enjoying a tour of your blog so back to see more of your lovely cards. Linda x

Candee said...

Good idea Linda about cutting out the windows by flipping the die --- another good use for it and best yet it was a free die -- thanks for your blog visit and taking the time to leave a comment! Candee P