Saturday, September 19, 2015

Are there anymore napkins ? ? ?

Trip to the dollar store -- where everything is a dollar -- found these napkins for Halloween. Long ago I had made a card front using a napkin but why limit it to cards only?

Using this new Sizzix Tags die set, (bought with coupon at the craft store), I made some holiday tags:

To begin with using napkins on paper craft projects you need to use a piece of card stock as your base and then the napkin. To adhere the card stock and napkin together you need to use some sort of adhesive and for these tags I used clear wrap just as I had used when I made my card. The key to success to this project is to use Glad Wrap and be sure it is NOT the "microwaveable" clear wrap as it will not melt properly. Here are the tags:

For my tags I opened the printed napkin flat. Peeling off the white backing to the napkin, (which is the 'ply'), I now used a low iron to press out all the folds in the napkin. Then I took a piece of aluminum foil, (cheap from the dollar store), and put that on the ironing board, smoothing out all creases. On top of the foil I put a piece of black card stock by Mikes. Then used a piece of Glad Wrap to cover the black card stock. Then put the napkin on top of the clear wrap. Now on top of that I put another piece of foil, larger than the card stock piece. Using a med-hot iron I pressed the foil "sandwich" slowly and being sure I went over the edges of the card stock often to be sure the napkin would stick to the card stock. Once I moved the iron all over this piece for a few minutes I then removed the top piece of foil and then removed the bottom piece of foil. When you remove the top piece of foil if you should see the napkin is not sticking on the edges of the card stock then put the foil back on your napkin piece and press it with the iron again to be sure the edges have melted together.

Once the napkin was adhered to the card stock I removed all the foil and then cut my napkin into quarters. Placed my tag dies on the napkin pieces and cut the tags out in the Cuttlebug. Using a 1/4" circle punch I punched out a circle from orange card stock -- then I punched over that hole using a 1/2" circle punch and that gave me the ring for the hole at the tag top. This reinforces the hole. I put the ring on the tag using a glue pen. Using black tulle from the fabric store I tied that on the tag using ribbons from the stash.

Bought holiday painted mini clothespins from Mikes and I put one at the top left side of each tag. On one tag I cut out a small pumpkin and put the pumpkin on the clothespin using glue dots:

The other tag I used a QuicKutz die for my ghost and I cut that out in the Cuttlebug. Sponged the edges of him with ink and then punched out a small black oval to put behind his eyes and mouth. Used a glue pen to put the oval behind the ghost face. Put him on the clothespin using glue dots:

Will use these tags for the treats for the gals at work. Simple to put them together once the napkin is adhered to the card stock. Lots of prints available and when you can't decide what theme or stamp to use for a tag the napkin solved all of those problems. TFL and YOLO


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this technique. I am frustrated-- I can't seem to be able to save it in my C Documents for future reference. Mean while I'll forward the email to my daughter and granddaughter--I can see lots of projects using napkins for Holiday tags and table decorations.
Hugs and smiles, Reva

Linda Matthews said...


I finally got the nerve to try the napkin technique. I made my Thanksgiving cards this year using it.

Thank you for trying out what works and doesn't work and posting your tips.

I still need a little practice, but the possibilities of projects are endless now. There are some gorgeous napkins to use out there.

Linda Matthews
Willow Spring, NC

Candee said...

Thanks Linda for your nice comments about the Napkin Technique. As I said in the post it all depends on the plastic wrap -- my initial attempts I was using Microwaveable plastic wrap. So that explains why it did not work ... but once I used the regular Glad plastic wrap the technique worked. I have also used the Napkin Technique and combined it with the Dryer Sheet Technique for a sparkly card front. Yes -- I agree -- some of the paper napkins have really nice patterns/colours and they make pretty card fronts. Thanks for your blog visit and happy holidays to you! Candee P