Saturday, September 26, 2015

No Speed Humps here . . .

Time for new Sizzix plates - - used a 55% coupon from AC Moore at Mikes and bought a package of two of the clear plates. Brought them home and opened them up and much to my surprise they are not like the old plates.

The plates that came with my machine are the same thickness on all edges and this can make your machine "jump" or "hiccup" or cause you to have a "Speed Hump". . . Here is a photo of the edges of the older style plates:

The ends of the new plates are graduated. This helps to prevent the "jump", "hiccup" or "Speed Hump". This also helps to cut out your dies evenly and if you use a larger die that covers your plate you will have an even die cut piece. Here is a photo to show the new edges:

Using the coupon from ACM brought the cost of the new plates from $12.99 for the package of two down to $5 something and then tax. Not too bad considering they should last awhile . . .

Also --- awhile back I bought a die storage box and magnetic pages from Zutter at a crafter's garage sale. I wanted to use this larger die storage box to keep all my holiday dies in it together. This way at holiday times all my dies are in one place and easy to see them all on the Zutter larger magnetic sheets. But with all the dies in this box the box is heavy.

Here is a photo of my new-to-me Zutter storage box:

The above photo shows the pink Zutter die storage box and on top of this is a plastic storage box I picked up at Walmart for $5.88:

This box is the same size as the Zutter box and the larger magnetic Zutter sheets fit nicely in this other box. Now I have half the holiday dies in one box and the other half in the second box. Both boxes snap shut and they also stack on each other so great for storage. TFL and YOLO

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say - This helps to prevent the "jump", "hiccup" or "Speed Hump". I haven't had any issues using my Big Shot with the original plates. But I don't like the newer plates with the tapered ends because it makes it much harder to do a partial cut. You kinda have to guess at placing it where you want the die to stop cutting. I don't mind using the new style plates when I doing complete cuts but I'll always have a set of the original plates on hand for the partial cutting.