Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Almost BOO Day . . .

Here are some of the treat holders I am putting together for the gals at work and I just finished these chocolate nugget holders:

For these I used clear bags sold on the candy making aisle at the craft store. Then used various printed card stocks for the nugget wrappers --- cut those 1" x 3 1/4" and put those around the nugget candies using glue dots. Each bag of nuggets has a "tray" (channel) made from solid card stock and that piece is 2" x 3 3/4" and I scored it with the long side at the top of the score board at 1/2" and again at 3 1/4". Used the bone folder to crease the scored lines and then I put the wrapped nuggets on this tray/channel. Slipped it inside the bag and tied it closed using various ribbons/yarns. Using scissors I cut off the excess plastic bag above where it is tied. 

The scalloped circle and circle pieces are from scraps. For the Halloween sticker in the center of these I used these from Walmart:

The packaging says these are stickers but they are cardboard so thicker than stickers and sturdier. They have adhesive on them but I also put a large glue dot behind them and then put them on my solid circles and then onto the scalloped circles. Once these three pieces were together I put them on the front of the nugget holder bags in the center. So of these holders I added ghosts, bats, or a bug to using glue dots. FYI -- the printed card stocks I used -- the bats, the ghosts, and the spider card stocks are all a directional pattern so if you are using a print with a direction pay attention so your design/print is not sideways or upside down. 

Here are some of the other items I made the gals and still working on some tonight:

Soon BOO Day will be here ... Hoping the gals like their "treats".... TFL and YOLO

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