Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are you a theme-r?

Usually for holidays I am a "theme-r" -- IE: If I am making treat holders and such using snowmen then all the items will have a snowman theme, including the wrapping paper, card, or gift tag. This year for Thanksgiving it all began with this Pilgrim stamp by Northwoods Rubber Stamps:

After I had made some Thanksgiving cards using that stamp I then saw the Pilgrim Fry Box by Tami White and made these treat holders:

Decided the Pilgrim Fry Box would make cute treat holders for the gals at work for Thanksgiving and that I would continue the Pilgrim "theme" and make a second treat holder. Here is the die I used:

Had bought this die on sale a few years back but other than using it as a treat holder for the holiday table it had not really gotten much use. This Pilgrim Hat treat holder is approx 2" high by 3 1/2" with the width being at the hat brim. The hat is open so you put treats in there -- here are a couple of hats I put together for the gals at work:

This die set has four die pieces -- the hat, the brim, the hat band, and the buckle die. I used Choc Chip card stock from Stampin Up for the hat and brim pieces. The black card stock for the band is from Mikes, and the gold buckle card stock is the gold Pearls from Joanns. Cut them all out using the Cuttlebug and then assembled them using glue dots. These die pieces have tabs to hold it all together so the glue dots will work well.

So... cut out all the Pilgrim hats, put a little bit of brown paper shred from the dollar store inside the hats and filled them with small candies. Was all finished when it dawned on me since I have to take them to work for the gals I had better wrap the hats so the candies do not fall out.

Only clear candy bags I have for treat holders are either too small or far too large. Off to plan B -- decided to use zippered sandwich bags from the dollar store. First I used scissors to cut off the zipper part of the bag. Then I inserted the filled Pilgrim hat into the baggie and gathered the baggie above the hat. Used a small piece of brown ribbon to tie a knot to close the baggie. Trimmed off the excess top with scissors. For the sides of the baggie I simply tucked them under the hat using a glue dot to hold them in place:

When using them as place makers or treat holders for the holiday table you do not need to put them in a bag but since I will be putting all their treat holders in another bag together it will be better if all the candies do not fall out into the bigger bag. Now I can work on the gift bag for all of these treat holders for the gals at work and will post it all once the bags are filled for Tuesday. TFL and YOLO

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