Saturday, December 26, 2015

Misc stuffs

Had to wait to post this until my friend opened her gift -- the new craft mat by Ken Oliver -- I made the Snowman Nuggets for that card making friend. Used a glove from the dollar store for the snowman hat and used a glue dot to add a pom pom to the hat. The snowman face stamp is from -- Pam M sells a small face (which is what I used on this) and a larger snowman face stamp. I bought both sizes and have used both of these stamps quite often. For the second photo you will see sparkly ribbon that is wrapped around the last nugget piece. I wanted to use something that would be sparkly like snow and I found this ribbon at Mikes on sale. Then I also made her two other nugget treat holders:

The nugget holder on the left has nugget with nuts candies and the Santa buckle nugget holder on the right has solid chocolate nuggets in that.

This photo:

Used the pattern from "dawn5377" on Youtube for this holder. Really quick to put together and great use of scrap prints or small pieces of printed card stock. For this holder I wanted to use the Bow Builder punch and make a bow from glittered card stock. Have seen people use the Bow Builder punch and glue dots to put their bows together. But you have to be careful not to have your glue dots in the same location on each bow piece or your center will be quite thick.

Since the gold glittered card stock is already thick I decided to use red stick tape to keep my bow pieces together. I cut off a small strip of the red sticky tape and snipped off little pieces from that as I put all the pieces together. This tape works well with the glittered card stock and it also kept the thickness to a minimum where the adhesive is -- here is a closer photo of that:

The red tape keeps the center bow piece flatter than the glue dots so it is not so bulky. Since I have used the red sticky tape on this bow I will probably use it on my other bows as well.

Not enough rushing around for me.... then DH, at the LAST minute, wanted a small holder for a key chain he bought his daughter for Christmas. Using this same treat holder pattern I made this holder:

Just altered my pattern so the treat holder is 2 inches longer than the nugget holder. Used double sided card stock for the dots and then the other side of that I made the bow with. Added a red crystal to the center and that was done.

Then onto baking and cooking for me -- Eggnog Pound Cake, Pecan pie, Sticky buns using dinner biscuts --- busy, busy.... but things are settling down and now the Elf season is over... now to clean up all the red and green in the craft room...  if only I could walk in there.......  haha   TFL and YOLO

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