Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sideway Slipper Shuffle . . .

Well Alex has arrived but is empty --- DH gave me two Alex units from IKEA for Christmas and he put them together and today I moved them into the craft room. . . Of course now I am having to do the Sideway Slipper Shuffle until I can load Alex up but for now ---

Parked the new Alex units next to the one I had bought last year. . . have organized them in my head only about 20 times but love all the drawers and that I can put more stuff on the top of them -- :0)

Hoping to be able to walk anywhere in the craft room tomorrow but for tonight it is the Sideway Slipper Shuffle for me. . . .  TFL and YOLO

(Keeping the people of Texas and others in the path of the winter storm in thoughts and prayers -- if you should be traveling be safe).

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Lora said...

You are so funny. It will be wonderful when you have it all loaded up. A fabulous Christmas present.