Monday, January 18, 2016

Freezer Hearts

Had seen the video on YouTube from Kristina Werner using freezer paper, a metal die, and watercolours. Of course in most videos these projects go together quickly and things always turn out well . . . but could this be that easy?????

Bought this Spellbinders die at Joanns the other day using a 50% Mikes coupon so it cost $4.50:

This is a two piece die set -- the outside heart die cuts the heart shape around the more detailed center die. Here are two samples I just made using this technique with the freezer paper -- these first two photos show the samples still wet from the watercolour paints/water:

This is an easy technique -- first you cut out your die using freezer paper -- I used Reynolds Wrap freezer paper that I bought on a roll at Walmart. When you cut your die pieces be sure the freezer paper is shiny side down -- once you have your die cut out of the freezer paper you need to adhere it to your watercolour paper. I used watercolour paper from Hobby Lobby and I cut my pieces down to the size I would use on a card front -- then using a medium DRY iron I ironed my heart die cut piece, shiny side down, onto the watercolour paper. Set that aside to cool. 

Once that was cooled I put it on the craft mat and using cheap (kids crafts) watercolour paints I painted on my colours over the heart piece. With this technique I did not wet my paper first -- the only water I used was putting the paint on and enough water to blend my paint colours together on the paper. Set these aside to dry. (It does not take long -- but do not use a heat tool -- let it air dry).

After these pieces were dried I then used the heat tool to go over the heart die cut piece to loosen the freezer paper from the watercolour paper. Using an awl I lifted up the heart die cut piece and that revealed the design -- here are the two colours I did :

If your freezer paper does not come off your watercolour paper easily just reheat it with the heat gun and it will lift off easily. Very easy technique -- when I used the iron to stick the die cut pieces onto the watercolour paper I put a piece of parchment paper as a 'pressing cloth'. This way if I had any residue on the face of the iron it would not get onto my watercolour paper or die cut piece. 

In the above photo I have these two samples on a mini clip board that I bought at the office supply store for embossing --- I have a piece of aluminum foil wrapped around the clip board and when I use the heat tool I clip my card stock onto the clip board. This saves me burning my fingers and it also helps to keep my card stock pieces flat while I am using the heat tool on them -- especially vellum card stock. 

Thanks to Kristina for sharing her video on this technique. TFL and YOLO

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