Sunday, January 17, 2016

Triangle Treat Box

Bought the new die set -- Pyramid Pals -- from Stampin Up in their new catalog. As with any new die that makes a bag or a box first I made one up using cheaper card stock just to see how it cut, what the finished size is, and how it all goes together. Once I figured that all out? Then I went onto card stock that I would be using.

For this triangle box you need to cut two pieces of card stock. Since I wanted to use washi tape on my two boxes once my pieces were cut out I then put the washi tape across the bottom of the front box piece. Trimmed the washi tape edges with scissors. Then to close this box I wanted to use twine so I would need to make a hole in the front piece of the box and the back piece of the box. To make this simple I stacked the front box piece on top of the back box piece and used a pencil to make a mark where I punched a small hole:

Once the hole was punched in the two pieces I used the bone folder on all the scored lines to crease them. With any box or bag you need to be sure to crease the scored lines well so your box/bag will hold the shape. Using red sticky tape I put the bottom of these box pieces together and then I put red sticky tape on the front piece flaps of the box (the one with the washi tape). Put the box together and used twine to close the box tied in a bow. (I put a small piece of clear tape on the end of the bulky twine to run it through the holes easily).

Here are two photos to show the size of this little triangle treat box:

Between the two triangle boxes is a fry box made using the fry box die. Here they are with the fry box sideways so you can see they are about as high as the sides of the fry box:

If you wanted to use stamps on your triangle box I suggest you do that right after you cut out the box pieces while they are flat. Now that I have them assembled I can add my banners and labels to dress them up. (FYI -- you can use red sticky tape on both flaps for the front and back pieces of your triangle box to keep it closed but remember to put your treats inside before you close up the box. I used the red sticky tape on the front piece of my box only so once the twine is untied the back flap will open so the recipient can get to the treats without tearing the box apart).  TFL and YOLO

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