Sunday, February 28, 2016

Don't use it? Lose it!

Decided to weed out the craft room of items I no longer use.  A good friend of mine and I held a stamper's garage sale last year -- here are some of the photos of that ---

We had combined items from a few craft rooms and we had a good sale... have some things left from that sale and we will have another sale in the spring but for now....

Received two more Alex units from IKEA for Christmas and so it began... am I the only one that seems to think all I keep doing is re-organizing???? So with this last re-organizing I have weeded out more of my Stampin Up stamp sets, inks, chalks, etc.. Set what I no longer was using in a big box for the next sale until . . .

I stopped at a local thrift store a week or so back and the owner has now converted part of the shop into a consignment area. You can rent a full section, a wall section, or in my case, a bookshelf. Decided I would give this a try -- took all my extra inks, Stampin Up card stock, paper trimmer, chalk sets, and Stampin Up stamp sets to the shop on Thursday to set up my shelf unit. Saturday morning I received a call from the shop owner that all my inks sold and quite a few Stampin Up stamp sets.

My suggestion??? If you have a thrift store with a consignment area give it a try for whatever supplies you no longer need or use -- or have your friends join in also selling their items. Having more sellers on your booth/shelf/area will make your rent cheaper and it also gives the shoppers a much better selection. So don't use it? Lose it and use your new found $$ on other craft supplies you have been wanting to buy. . .   TFL and YOLO

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