Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine Treat Bags Filled

Bought printed paper bags at the dollar store in packs of 2 to hold my Valentine treats for the gals at work. Here are photos to show the printed paper bags:

Filled the bottom with red paper shred from the dollar store and here are two photos to show the treat holders I made for inside:

Each bag has a Ferrero Rocher holder, a matchbook holder, (used upside down), that holds a Fun Size M&Ms, a mini treat bag that I put a heart shaped window on the front (with matching tag) -- filled with tissues and of course, chocolates. Also have a holder that holds 4 chocolate nugget candies, a holder that holds 5 chocolate kiss candies, and a holder that holds a Ghirardelli candy. 

For the Ferrero Rocher holder I used a clear bag, from the candy making aisle at the craft store, to put this in and tied the bag closed with red ribbon:

For the chocolate kiss holders I used pretzel bags, from the candy making aisle at the craft store, and tied that closed with red ribbon. Snipped off the excess end of the bag:

Here is a photo of some of the triangle boxes that have washi tape on the lower front and used various holiday stamps for the fronts. These hold various small candies:

Finishing up the tags for the bags and then can pack away all the red hearts and such for Valentine's Day. . .   TFL and YOLO

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