Monday, March 21, 2016

Octagonal Egg Card

I had seen this idea "out there" before and although I saved a photo of the original card I did not save whose idea this was --- so this is not my idea but this is how I made this --

To begin with --- I used Mikes #110 weight white card stock base. The lavender piece is from the stash. The embossed white card front piece is white/GP and I embossed it using a Cuttlebug flower embossing folder. Cut and scored the white card stock base, then trimmed the lavender card stock piece for the card front. Embossed the white/GP and trimmed that to the size I wanted. Using the ATG I put the white embossed piece onto the lavender piece. Used a small piece of ribbon at the top center as this will be how the wreath hangs. Then put these pieces onto the card stock base front. Set it aside while I worked on the wreath.

Since I had no directions I had to figure it all out --- the only thing I knew for sure is the oval eggs are punched out using an oval punch and punching the ovals out of paint sample cards. Off to the store I went in search of pastel paint sample cards. FREE  (On my wreath my paint samples are by Behr). Brought them home and used a small oval punch and punched out 8 ovals -- but those were too big for the card front.

Looked through my oval punches and decided to use a small oval punch from the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby. Punched out my ovals and laid them out in the order I wanted to use them. But I wanted my wreath to be on the card front using pop dots for dimension -- but how to keep all these little ovals together and in a circle shape????

Simple -- using a 1 1/2" circle punch I punched out a circle from scrap white card stock. Then using a 1 3/4" circle punch I punched over my first circle and this gave me a ring:

Did a "dry layout" of what order colours I wanted my egg ovals to be on the wreath and then using a glue pen all over the front of the white ring I began to lay all my egg ovals on the ring --- first oval at the top and the second oval at the bottom:

Then added the rest of the egg ovals and you will see the white line on the paint sample card makes an octagonal shape:

This photo shows the back of the ovals/wreath piece:

Added mini pop dots to the back of this wreath piece and put it onto the card front piece. Once this was on the card front I made a bow from the matching ribbon and put the bow above the wreath using a pop dot to bring the bow as high as the wreath piece.

Using a greeting stamp by Paper Sweeties I stamped my greeting and cut it out using a banner die by Frantic Stamper. Put the greeting banner on the card front using glue dots:

Having the card stock ring made putting the ovals together easier and now with them glued to the ring they make a true circle. Cute idea using the paint sample cards. Thanks to whoever came up with this holiday card for Easter. TFL and YOLO


lifesabeach32940 said...

Oh, Candee ... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this card!! You noted that the first oval punch you used was too large. What is the size of the oval punch out that you finally chose? I'd love to give this card a try ... just not sure I have a small enough oval. :)

Candee said...

About the oval punch -- I used a 1" oval punch (black) by "My Jewelry shoppe" at Hobby Lobby. If you can not get to a Hobby Lobby I punched out an oval from that punch and compared it to the Stampin Up small oval punch that measures 3/4" x 15/16". I compared the two oval pieces and the one from Hobby Lobby is more of a oval and the SU oval is a rounder oval -- if that makes sense -- but the SU oval punch is close enough in size that it would fit this size wreath that I made for my card. Just remember, whatever oval punch you use, that you center it over the white lines on your paint sample so the white line is centered. Hoping this is helpful and that it makes sense --- :0) Thanks for your blog visit, too!! Happy Easter! Candee P

lifesabeach32940 said...

Your instructions make perfect sense. I might have to check out my hobby lobby to see if they have the oval punch you used. Thanks for the help. I can always count on you for help!