Sunday, May 15, 2016

Product FYI

This post is totally NON crafting in nature but wanted to share it --- over time the covers on the headlights of my car have developed a film -- which makes the headlights at night look dim. Have washed the car and tried this and that and so it goes. . . until....

Was at the big W store and picked up Turtle Wax Lens Restorer in the automotive department and brought it home to try. Taped off the headlights as per the instructions and here is one of the lights before I used the Lens Restorer on it:

Not only can you see the cloudy film on the headlight cover but you could also feel this with your hand. I followed the box instructions and with one application here is the right light after the treatment:

Can now see the light bulbs!! The cleaner does not pit the headlight cover or leave a film or anything. Once I finished using this Lens Restorer product I removed the yellow painter's tape and washed the car as usual. Very easy product to use and great results --- went for a drive that night to see the difference in the headlights and what a difference!  Happy to find a product that works as easy as it says it will as as well as it did. Just thought I would share ---

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