Thursday, June 30, 2016

All done. . . again . . .

First I weeded out the craft room --- a serious weeding out... sold lots of stuff and now to organize what is left. Decided to work on the worst first so my die storage went from these:

to this:

Dies done... now onto the Stampin Up stamp sets -- have seriously downsized my wood mount stamp sets and just finished all my organizing of those and my cling mount sets to this:

Had bought this shelf unit a couple of years back at a Restore (Habitat for Humanity) and I originally had my punches on it. Then I bought some Alex units from Ikea so punches are in there and this shelf sat empty.

Moving everything around in the craft room so this shelf is now in place. Happy to report my Stampin Up stamp sets all fit on there. Left side is the cling sets with the wood mount and background wood mount sets on the right:

For the wood mount background stamps I highlighted those in yellow so I know which ones those are:

Also had room for my 1/2 size stamp cases from Stampin Up that I use for my Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamp sets:

Happy this is another completed project -- just bought 5 new to me stamp sets today from another stamping gal so happy they are on the shelf ready for use.

What prompted all this was too much stuffs --- weeded out lots that I used to use or maybe never used or maybe did not use those products like they should have been used... basically was tired of maintaining the "warehouse" -- haha. The money I made selling items no longer used paid for my supplies for my new die storage, bulletin board squares next to my work table and best yet?? FOUND the TOP of my work table!!!  :0)

Lessons learned:

1.  Do NOT buy a stamp set for ONE stamp
2.  Do not buy a product that I "can't live without" only for it to never be used
3.  Do not think I have to own "everything"
4.  Do NOT bring bags of supplies/products into the craft room and leave them in the store bags--take
     everything out of the bags as soon as they enter the craft room. Have a basket on the work table
     for new products waiting to be put away.

BESTEST FRIEND??? Label maker.....  So try weeding out your unused/unwanted items and selling them -- ask your stamping friends if they would like to shop your supplies or maybe you can all get together and have a product swap or something.....

New arrangement in craft room with better organization is inspiring and now it is easier to work in the craft room. Happy this is almost done and will post more things as they are completed.....  Even DH likes the changes... of course he is the one that claims there is $10,000.00 worth of supplies in here... silly boy.... it is only $8,000.00 !! ;0) TFL


MaryH said...

I need to you to come south and help me do this! WoW! I'm impressed and that you can find your desk top now. You've got some real pearls of wisdom in this post, and I, for one, need to take head of it. I'm really liking the way you've done your dies. I have the same art bins, and they take up too much room. Happy wkend, and TFS the card. It's lovely. Now need to revisit that post to see how you made it! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Candee when you finish helping Mary H organize you are welcome to come southwest to help me. I should have heeded your 4 lessons,eons ago. I am still attempting to find where to purchase the colored dots you used to identify sentiments in clamshell boxes. Hugs and smiles Reva

Bonnie said...

Everything looks so neat and orderly. I need to look for a label maker.