Saturday, June 4, 2016

Die storage -- TWEEKED

All organization works until it doesn't. . .  and my die storage does not work anymore... Too many thin dies to keep track of replacing the steel ruled thicker dies . . .  Bought the magnetic storage
ArtBin cases with magnetic sheets to store the thinner dies. But -- do you store them by the manufacturer name? What the dies are? All holidays together? Flowers together? Etc.

Stumbled across the video by "Biblescraps" on Youtube explaining her system for her thinner metal dies and decided to watch that to see if it could help me with my storage. Began with all these ArtBins on my shelf:

Although the ArtBins keep the dies dust free they are just too bulky for storage. Some cases are light and others are so heavy as they are full. Became a chore to even want to look through them for a die to use . . . So lined up in a row and ready to go....but that was about it.

In her video "Biblescraps" explains her system and some of her ideas. I used some of them for my system and others I did not. That is the good thing about other crafter's sharing their storage ideas as you can use it as they do or adapt it to your needs or space.

To begin with she uses adhesive magnetic sheets from Oriental Trading --- I read reviews on those and a lot of crafters said they are not very strong and items will slide to the bottom. I did not want that to happen so I used the vent magnetic covers by Accord sold at Lowes Home Improvement stores. I already had a few packages of that on hand for other crafting so I began with those and just added to the amount I already had. As for the box I used I had two empty refrigerator bins on hand that I had bought long ago at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had used them for SU cling stamp storage but I have since weeded out a lot of my older sets so the two bins were empty.

Where to begin? First thing I did was cut all my magnetic sheets to the size I needed and then emptied the ArtBins -- put like dies on the magnetic sheets:

I used white "backer board" sheets from for my magnetic sheets to attach to using the ATG. As she did in her video I then used washi tapes I have on hand for the tops of my magnetic sheets so I will know at a glance what dies I am wanting to use by looking at my bin. Here is a photo of one of the two bins and this one is mainly for holidays and words:

In the front of this bin you will see I have my letters and numbers. The washi tape I used for those is the black and white checkered tape. If you look at the photo you will see this same black and white checkered tape on some of my other magnetic sheets. This black and white checkered tape marks the sheets that have word dies on them. Here are photos of some of the filled sheets:

Is it time consuming to do this? Yes but it is also time consuming to look for dies that you know you have but where?? These two bins take up a quarter of the space the ArtBins did and I am selling the ArtBins on Craigs List so they can find new homes. Thanks to "Biblescraps" for sharing this idea on her video.  TFL and YOLO


Colleen said...

Like what you had done and great idea. All handy and at your finger tips. Great job; time consuming but well worth it I'm sure.
Wish I lived closer as I would buy them plastic bins and take them off your hands and out of your way.
Have a great day and enjoy the remainder of the week


Brenda said...

I keep my dies in a bin like that too. As well as my stamps. I think you are looking very organized once again with your dies Candee. They look great and I love the washi tape idea, I especially like the idea of the black/white checked washi to identify the words dies. And it looks great too! Hugs, Brenda

Candee said...

Hi Brenda and Colleen -- thanks for your nice comments about the die storage I am using now. It was time consuming but well worth it. I am just happy I have no duplicates! Thanks ladies for your blog visit -- Colleen if you are in Texas I am hoping you are safe with all the flooding being reported -- Candee P

MaryH said...

Really good ideas here, and I especially like the tape colors...easy to spot at a glance. I'm using these art bins too, and just been thinking about rearranging all squares, circles, etc, instead of by manufacturer. (like so many stitched rectangles, and they are sorted by who made. Then I'm looking through too many art bins trying to find a rectangle I want.) Another economical storage bin is clear- from Harbor Freight. Mr. had some for things, and I snitched one. It works good for storing stamps in clear pkgs, by theme or manufacturer. Might have to change over the dies like this...Another thing I need to phase out is the C/B blue zipper bags that were the first EF storage, had the photo pages for placing the folders. I've got my EF's in the Iris DVD plastic bins from JoAnn's - by theme. YOu always have some terrific storage ideas.