Sunday, June 19, 2016

New scrap labels - - -

A couple years back I had the same problem a lot of us card makers have -- how to store our card stock scraps and what do I keep? ? ?

Had seen the storage idea from Tonya Gibbs for her scraps and that was what I needed to do . . .  Off to Mikes with a 50% coupon in hand I bought my Iris Photo Box with 16 photo cases inside. Brought them home and then began to go through the overflowing scrap basket. Trimmed larger sizes to fit in the photo boxes and the too small for really anything scraps were discarded. I thank Tonya for sharing her idea for scraps as this is the system I have now used for a couple of years. It is an easy system to use and maintain and a good way to put the card scraps to good use.

Once all my scrap card stock was put into these photo boxes I used my label maker to label all the boxes by colour. But overtime, and with use, these labels began to curl or peel off and those labels were no longer working. Here is a photo to show one of the original labels peeling off:

Decided I needed to label the boxes in a different way and decided not to use the label maker again. This time I used the computer -- typed up all my colours and then in the printer I put a piece of white/GP card stock to print them out.

Using the Word Window Punch from SU I punched out the words. Then used my ATG for adhesive over the word labels and then I adhered the colour word titles to the inside of the boxes:

With these new labels being on the insides of the boxes they should not peel away or fall off. Since the photo boxes are clear it is easy to read the colour label without having to open all the boxes. Here are photos of all the boxes in place and now labeled with new labels:

Nice thing about Tonya's scrap storage is you can take the whole Iris case to your work table and easily pull out the colours you are needing to use -- no digging through a basket or box looking for a particular colour and with this system I find I use my scraps more often now than before and I no longer are keeping the teeniest pieces of card stock for no reason. . .  Thanks again to Tonya!

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MaryH said...

More good ideas. I have some of these Mike/ACM boxes that I started color arranging the snippets (scraps). Then I get in a hurry and start tossing into a larger, catch-all. Need to weed it again. I like your idea of the label inside, where it doesn't get handled. I also bought colored boxes when I can find appropriate colors, so that it's easy to spot red, blue, etc. Then you run into patterns, is it more red, is it more blue? Great idea & bet you can put your hand on any snippet color you need, immediately! TFS