Sunday, June 19, 2016

New to me stuffs . . .

Went to a SU stamp/supplies sale with another card maker on Friday. I was lucky to find a punch I had been looking for but did not find at local sales. It is the SU Ornate Tag Topper punch. With another new-to-me SU punch from another sale I labeled the punches and now they are ready for storage with like items:

Labeled the front and the back of the punch using the label maker. Since this punch has a channel for your card stock I printed out " 2" " and cut that label to size. Put it in the channel of this punch. This way when I go to use this punch I will be reminded the width size of card stock I need to use the punch.

For my new-to-me Ticket Duo punch I just bought I also labeled that:

On the Ticket Duo punch you can see a number "6" is written on the punch in red Sharpie. (Sharpie comes off the punches using rubbing alcohol if later I would want to remove that). That red number reminds me that I have the SU Paper Piercing template that matches this punch shape if I should want to use the Paper Piercing tool on it. I have numbered all my Paper Piercing template sets on their label. That number is now on all my punches that can be used with the template set. This way I know by looking at my punches which punches can work with my templates.

Now that the new-to-me punches are labeled they will now go with the other punches. I always label my punches as soon as I get them. This way if anyone should ask me the name/title of a punch I used I have the exact name of the item. TFL and YOLO

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MaryH said...

You are SO organized, girl! Good for you at finding these at the sale. I've not seen the topper one, and don't own either. Heard you had a fun class this afternoon. So glad you were able to get there and do some of the cards. I saw the samples. Wished I could have been there to join in. Hope you'll share what you did. Enjoy the heat! It's 101 here this afternoon. TFS & Hugs