Monday, July 11, 2016

All dies -- ALL done

Finished weeding out the craft room and that left all that was staying to be re-organized. Now the steel ruled dies are labeled and done...   the thin metal dies, which were in many ArtBin cases, are now organized and done... and now also the thin sizzlit dies are done. . .

First the steel ruled dies --

Keep these in a cabinet near "machine central" -- Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Platinum. These dies are labeled and stored by size/manufacturer in the cabinet:

For the thin metal dies --

Took those out of the ArtBin cases that took up too much space and put them on magnetic cards and I store those in bins I had on hand from Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

Much easier keeping those dies in these bins than all the ArtBin cases. For the sizzlit dies I kept what I wanted but I wanted something to keep them in that was not going to be expensive. Off to the thrift store where I found this black desk organizer for 50 cents. In this tray I have a set of alphabet dies, (red dies in the right front of the tray), the medium dies, as well as the smaller dies. I also have the embosslits in this tray:

Using copy paper from the printer I cut out each shaped die and put the die shape onto the back of the die using double sided tape. Easy to do as I cut out four small dies in the machine at a time and the medium dies I cut out three. This way I can see the size the die cuts before I cut out my card stock. By using thinner copy paper, rather than card stock, it does not effect the die going through the machine when die cutting my card stock pieces:

Have these dies in the tray, alphabetical, by size. Did not cut out the alphabet dies as they are all the same size and font. Having the sizzlit/embosslit dies all in the same tray will keep them 'corralled' and all in one location.

Glad the die weeding out and then re-organizing is done. Much easier to find a die I am looking for and more importantly much easier to put it away where it belongs when I am finished with it. . . . TFL and YOLO


Anonymous said...

Dear Candee, These old eyes deeply appreciate this latest idea. I always die cut samples so I have sizes--- but from thin paper to top the die cut that is great. Hugs and smiles, Reva

Candee said...

Hi Reva -- had to make the die cut from copy paper so it is thin enough to run through the machine and not effect the die cut piece I would be using. Not only does it help to see the actual size but also the detail on the die cut pieces.. which is always a help to see before you waste card stock... :0) THANKS for your blog visit!! Candee P