Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fall Berry Basket

One of the Stampin Up demonstrators I follow held an online garage sale clearing out her retired items making room for new items from the new catalog...  so happy me when I was able to buy her SU Berry Basket die for a great price!

Knew I wanted to make a berry basket for Fall -- perhaps for a place marker at the Thanksgiving table to hold some treats.. watched a 'how-to' video on Youtube for assembly for the basket and decided to work on my basket. Here is the finished berry basket:

Decided I wanted to use a sturdy weight kraft card stock for the basket so I used one piece of Paper Trey Ink kraft card stock for the basket. With this die you have to cut two pieces of card stock to make the four sides of the basket. Since my kraft card stock is thick I just cut out the die twice rather than stack the card stock on top of the die to cut out two basket pieces at a the same time. With one pass in the machine this die gives you a basket piece, the scalloped edge pieces, as well as two strips. I used the plain strips to make the handle for my basket.

To begin with, once I had cut out the die twice for all my pieces, I knew I wanted the sides of the basket to have a design or texture so I used the Darice Basket Weave embossing folder on the basket sides only -- the bottom of the basket is not embossed:

To emboss just the sides of the basket pieces I put the die cut basket piece into the bottom of the folder up to the scored line the die makes on the basket pieces and that gave me the embossed sides:

Embossed all four basket side pieces. Once that was done I used brown ink and sponged the edges of the basket side pieces. Wanted to have a doily on each side of the basket so I used the CheeryLynn French Doily die and cut a doily out using cream card stock. Then I cut that in half so I would have a piece for two sides of my basket:

I laid the half doily piece on one of the side basket pieces and decided it would cover up too much of the basket side so I simply cut off approx 1/2" off the top of the doily piece and that gave me the size I wanted for the basket. I used brown ink on the edges. Set this aside.

With the basket pieces embossed I wanted to use the autumn plaid from Authentique to be the lining on the inside of the basket. Using this card stock I cut out the Berry Basket die twice again so I would have enough pieces for the four sides of the basket. Using the trimmer I trimmed these to the size I wanted and I used double sided tape to put the printed card stock on the inside of my basket pieces before I assembled the basket:

Much easier to work on the basket and lining when the basket is flat and not assembled yet. Once all the lining pieces were on the basket I turned them over and added the doily pieces to one of the basket pieces that would be the two sides:

I put the doily pieces on the basket base using red sticky tape. Then I used thin red sticky tape on top of the doily pieces and that will hold the scalloped strip piece on the basket base. Once done I had a basket piece with doilies on each end and another basket piece with no doilies on it.  Since I already had added the red sticky tape on top of the doilies I put red sticky tape on the top edges of the other basket piece. With all four basket sides having the red sticky tape on them at the top I was ready to assemble the basket.

To assemble the basket I used double sided tape and put the basket bottom together as suggested in the video. They suggest that you put the two scalloped edge strips (that form the basket and hold it all together), together first so you have a square and now you have to get your sides into and on the square. It made more sense to me to work with my two scalloped strips flat and as I put each side of my basket onto the strips I attached the corners as I went. I think this way also makes the basket "more square" -- if that makes sense.

Now for the handle. I used the two plain strips the die cuts and I used the ATG and put those together to make the handle. Since the kraft card stock is stiff I just pulled this strip on the edge of the counter top and that made the card stock strip bend easier without creasing the card stock strip. To put this handle on the basket I used a small hole punch and brads. I did not want to have the brads show so I d used bows to cover them up.

With having the doily pieces on the basket I wanted the handle attached on those sides of the basket. Using a ruler and pencil I marked where the brad would go. Punched the hole in the basket side, and also on the handle piece, and put these on the basket -- here is a photo from the inside of the berry basket showing the brad holding the handle on:

Here is another photo showing the plaid lining on the basket pieces:

Once the handle was on I used the Stampin Up Bow Builder Punch and used the plaid card stock to make my bows. Had learned early on using the bow punch that if you use glue dots to put the bows together they are too bulky in the center so I use thin red sticky tape to assemble my bows. Once the bows were assembled then I used glue dots to put them on the basket above the doilies and covering the brads holding the handles on -- I added a brown crystal to the center of the bows for "bling":

Put brown paper shred in the basket from the dollar store and it is ready for fall treats. To show the size of this Berry Basket here is a photo of it next to the Stampin Up Fry Box treat holder:

Since I only embossed the sides of the basket pieces the bottom of the basket is flat:

Easy treat holder to put together and it just took some planning --- did all the embossing first then cut all the lining pieces and put the lining on the basket sides while the pieces were all unassembled and flat. Same for the bows - cut that out twice and made both bows at the same time.

Happy I was able to pick up this die at such a great price - I have no problem buying "pre owned" or "pre enjoyed" stamp products at great prices -- stretches my craft dollars and that is always a good thing! This basket would be cute for Easter, or July 4th, Halloween, Christmas, etc... Cute die and easy assembly.  TFL and YOLO

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