Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Loaded up and ready to BOO - - -

Happy me to have a new-to-me We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser. Heard all the complaints about it ---

Does not rotate well when full of washi tape --- PROBLEM SOLVED

Cutting edge of the dispenser is sharp so it can attack your knuckles --- PROBLEM SOLVED

Washi tapes will get dusty sitting on your work surface --- PROBLEM SOLVED

Here is my used dispenser loaded up and ready for all BOO projects in it's future:

All loaded up and ready to go -- but it does not turn well with the tapes on it. PROBLEM SOLVED:
A  9" Copco turntable from Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99 (less with my coupon - :0) .... ) solves that problem:

Putting the dispenser on this turntable it spins easily and does not wobble. Also with the dispenser sitting on the turntable it is higher off the work surface so less chance of skinned knuckles - PROBLEM SOLVED.  You can always use scissors to snip of the strip of washi you want to use to avoid involving your knuckles at all . . .

Dust and the dust bunnies . . . Ideal scenario is endless crafting time.... Real world? NOT happening. Leaving your washi tape in this dispenser out on your work table or work space for crafting may not be ideal as far as dust is concerned. But packing it all up and putting it away after each crafting session is time consuming. . .  PROBLEM SOLVED:

Last trip to the thrift store solved the dust problem --- picked up a plastic dome lid used to cover a round layer cake for 79 cents --- brought it home and it took a ride in the dishwasher and it fits over my washi tape dispenser and turntable:

With the lid over the dispenser I can see the washi patterns -- here is a photo looking through the top of the dome:

Once my BOO holiday projects are over I will put my Halloween washi tapes back in the case I keep all the washi tapes in. With the washi dispenser then empty I will keep that, with the turntable, inside my upside down cake dome lid in the cabinet for storing. Then for Christmas projects I will bring it out and load it up with the Christmas/holiday washi tapes for use again on my work space.

I have too many washi tapes to leave this dispenser out all the time as they won't all fit but for holidays this will work well as at a glance I can see what tapes I have.  Happy me to have a new-to-me WRMK Washi Tape dispenser and buying that used helps to stretch my crafting dollars!! TFL and YOLO

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Bonnie said...

Pretty cool! Thrift store finds are the very best!