Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's a snap . . . but not anymore . . .

Have my Stampin Up thinlits/framelits/metal dies in a clear refrigerator bin I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This bin is for shapes or maybe a die set I did not buy as a bundle -- many of them I bought used from other stampers. For the "Bundles" with the stamp set and matching dies I keep the dies in the stamp cases with that stamp set. This way when I want to use that 'bundle' it is altogether in the stamp case for use. That plastic envelope the die set is sold in then goes in the clear bin with the other SU dies in their envelopes. I have a note on that envelope which stamp set the dies are with if I should want to use them without their stamp set. By keeping that envelope in the SU die bin with my SU dies it is easy for me to check that bin first if I need to know if I own a particular die set or not for a card or project.

Problem being SU sells some of their dies in envelopes with snap closures. Now the envelopes have a slit for the envelope flap to fit into. My die sets with the snap closures were taking up too much room in my bin and soon I would have to figure out new storage which I did not want to do. Remembering a stamper friend of mine had suggested awhile back that stampers were taking the snap closures off their Close To My Heart stamp sets for better storage.  I knew the SU envelopes snap matched the snaps on the CTMH stamp set envelopes. Decided to check around online to see how to do this without ruining the plastic envelopes. Found a few suggestions using Exacto knives -- not a good match for me -- and one lady used wire cutters. Hmmmmmmm...

I have a small pair of those cutters that I keep on my tool caddy on the craft table and I use mine to remove the backs of buttons. Tried them on one of the snaps but they were too small. My craft room cutters in hand I went out to the garage and asked DH if he had any larger than mine??? He gave me a pair of his and here is a photo of mine and his to show the size:

Cleaned his off and brought them into the craft room and put them to work. Here is a photo of one of the SU die envelopes I took the snap off next to one of their die sets in a tuck in flap envelope:

With all the snaps off the envelopes there is now room in my bin and everything in there is in order again. Decided next I would try this on some of my Close To My Heart stamp sets:

The above photo shows the back of their stamp set envelope. Used the tool and took off the two snap pieces:

Used a ruler and a pencil and made a light line so I could use scissors to cut a slit across the back of the stamp set to close the envelope:

Once the slit was cut with scissors I used the pencil eraser and erased the light pencil line. Then tucked the envelope flap into the slit to keep the envelope closed.

I keep my Close To My Heart stamp sets in the Close To My Heart large organizer containers. These containers have four compartments.  With the snap closures on the stamp set envelopes I could get 12 stamp sets per compartment for storage:

With removing the snaps I can comfortably fit 18 stamp sets per compartment:

So thanks to my stamping friend for suggesting this way back when as it really helps with storage. Esp in my clear bin for the SU dies.

Beware of flying snap parts if you should do this -- what I did when I cut off my snap pieces is I cupped one hand over the snap while snipping it off with the other hand. This protects you and your craft space from snap parts -- TFL


Bonnie said...

Great idea to reduce bulk! I have so much trouble getting the flap in the slit that I put velcro on mine! I found some really thin ones.

Candee said...

VELCRO??????????? WHO KNEW????? What a GREAT idea!! Still flatter than the snaps but the velcro will keep it closed --- thanks for sharing that Bonnie!! GREAT idea!! Candee P