Friday, December 30, 2016

Corralling Alex . . .

Best time of the year to organize as I am cleaning the craft room up from the holidays --- BOO Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Decided I was not using my Alex units from IKEA to the best benefit for storage of craft room items. Since Christmas is the one holiday that I use so many of my products this room is a mess.... while putting things away I also decided to look at the Alex units differently for storage. 

To begin with with my stamping buddy giving me so many wonderful gifts for Christmas -- esp the many packs of sequins -- I decided to start with those. I had ordered clear plastic bottles from (#S-14487) for sequin storage and am happy I have bottles left over after reorganizing all the sequins. Being in clear bottles I decided to store them in drawers of one of the Alex units. Wanting to see what colours the sequins are at a glance I decided to store these filled jars upside down in the drawer in colour groups:

For years I have stored my glitters upside down in their drawer:

The white bins the jars of glitters are in are from the thrift stores -- thinking they used to hold ice cubes in a freezer. I have also stored my embossing powders upside down in their drawer:

Once again the sectioned tray the embossing powders sit in is also from the thrift store. Since it helps to see what colours I have on hand I decided storing the sequins upside down would also be a good idea. 

Also in another drawer of an Alex unit is my glittered glues -- Stickles, Distressed Stickles, and bottles of liquid Pearls. I have these upside down in the Dazzle Caddys that I bought at a clearance sale. Having the Stickles upside down for storage keeps them ready for use at any time with no bubbles or "glurks" of glue spitting out of the bottles. On the Distressed Stickles I have written a "D" on the bottom of the bottle so I know that is a distressed Stickle. The "P" is for the bottle of Liquid Pearls:

Also the washi tape seems to keep reproducing -- haha -- went to the dollar store and picked up a few sets of three white plastic baskets for a dollar and I keep the washi tapes in these in the Alex drawer:

The baskets keep the washi tapes from rolling around in the drawer and I can see at a glance what tapes I have on hand.

Also bought another size of the white plastic baskets to hold the misc glues I use in the craft room and they have their own drawer:

Still working on the new organization of the Alex units. To label the drawers I am using clear label tape and the label maker. With everything labeled I am hoping I will be able to find everything again (wink, wink) and it will make it easier to put things back where they belong. No sense in having the same type of product/supplies in different locations in the craft room. Keeping them altogether will help to be able to locate them and see what I have on hand. 

Happy to have time in the craft room for upside down corralling..... but hoping to finish soon so I can get back to working on cards and such!  :0)     TFL 


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Upside down jars--now why didn't I think of that. So simple an answer.
Hugs and smiles, thanks Reva

Brenda said...

Loving how organized everything is Candee! It looks great and I am envious. lol Hugs, Brenda